Introducing our July ’22 Box!

We’re so excited to introduce our second box of the Summer ☀️ This month’s box is focused on gut health, so expect to find a host of goodies that will make your taste buds and digestive system equally happy!

Find the likes of Bio&Me GF Granola designed by the Gut Health Doctor, the Gut Stuff bars and much much more…

Lifebox Food makes the UK’s best Vegan & Gluten-free subscription boxes & gift hampers. Discover the UK’s favourite new all-natural snacks, drinks and wellness products. Award Winning & Nutritionist Approved. Half Price Today!

What’s in The Box?

  • BRAVE BBQ CHICKPEAS – Brave is back with beautiful new branding! Their smoky bbq chickpeas contain 7g plant protein, 5g of gut loving fibre and taste flipping amazing. Try them on their own or in this delicious arancini recipe (link to arancini recipe).
  • LIVIA’S MILLION SQUARES – These tasty morsels need no introduction. Did someone say cookie dough? Made with dates, gluten-free oats and raw cacao – these are little drops of heaven!
  • GRISS CO CHOC COVERED BREADSTICKS – Brand spanking new to the market, these unbelievably delicious breadsticks are made from gluten-free flour and taste incredible. You will be hooked!
  • AQUA LIBRE SPARKLING WATER – The perfect way to hydrate during the hotter months of the year! Containing zero sugar, their naturally flavoured sparkling waters are refreshing and reinvigorating.
  • GUT STUFF BARS – Small but mighty! The Gut Stuff are champions of all things gut and these bars are no different. They contain a huge 10g of gut loving fibre in each bar – that’s a 1/3 of your recommended daily intake. And they taste great too.  
  • BEPPS BBQ POPPED CHIPS – Made from peas, these tasty popped chips pack the flavour! And are lower calorie, salt and fat than regular crisps!  
  • BIO & ME GRANOLA – We are so delighted to be able to share a huge box of The Gut Health Doctor – Megan Rossi’s granola. As one of the leading expert in gut health, Dr Rossi knows a thing or two about a happy digestive system. This granola is gluten-free & FODMAP friendly. It is packed with short-chain carbs, high in fibre and contains prebiotics to feed beneficial gut bacteria. 
  • SEED & BEAN DARK CHOCOLATE – Find a delectable bar of Seed & Bean Dark Choccy in this months box. 100% organic & vegan friendly, their chocolate is creamy and rich!
  • TAKING THE PEA – Their British grown peas are high in fibre, a great source of plant-based protein and a perfect alternative to naughty ol’ crisps.
  • OLLYS LEMON THYME OLIVES – Greek Halkidiki olives dressed in a zesty lemon & thyme marinade. Only 71 calories per pouch! Our precision snack pouches provide a hassle-free experience for all olive lovers; with no stones, no messy oils and no artificials whatsoever. 
  • PLANT POPSmade from popped lotus seeds, these crisp alternatives have an interesting nutty flavour! Deliciously crunchy, these lotus crisps are hand harvested in India before being seasoned with the finest quality ingredients. We are a big fan & we think you will be too!

Hope you love the box – Alicia xx

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