Ultimate Avocado Toast with Pixie Turner

Here at Lifebox, we pride ourselves on curating the finest there is in healthy snacks. However, we are also brunch aficionados! That is why we can’t wait to share this epic avo toast from Pixie Turner (aka PlantBased Pixie). Don’t fret our vegan and gluten-free friends! This recipe is easy to make as a delicious gluten-free or vegan snack.

Serves: 1


1 slice sourdough (or gluten-free alternative)
½ avocado
1 tbsp. mixed seeds/flaxseed
10g rocket or microgreens
Salt and pepper
(Optional for non-vegans: 1 egg)


Toast the sourdough/gluten free alternative. Slice up or mash the avocado. Add salt and pepper.  Poach, boil, or fry the egg. Place the egg on top. Sprinkle over the greens and seeds.

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