Summer Legs Workout

The sand workout your legs will love!

If you are going on holiday this month, try this workout on the beach, as there is no terrain more effective to exercise on than a sandy beach. It is, however, just as effective to do at the gym or at home too. It is low impact, high energy and fantastic for your joints! When you’re moving through soft sand, it’s like resistance training as your stabiliser muscles need to work that little bit harder to keep you balanced whilst you run, jump and lunge! This soft sand workout is one you will definitely feel in your butt, abs, calves, legs & even your arms, all the while getting a nice dose of vitamin D! Note: Stick to the dry, soft sand as it’s less impact on your knees and ankles, but even tougher on those quads!


1 min high knees

1 min shuttle runs (Sprint from one marked line to the other as fast as you can without stopping. As soon as you reach one mark, sprint back to the other side!)

1 min of squat jumps

1 min of alternating walking lunges (One leg at a time, step forward and lunge the back knee towards the sand. Make sure the knee stays behind the toe and bottom is poking out behind you)

1 min of burpees

30 seconds rest

1 min butt kicks

1 min of mountain climbers

1 min plank

1 min bunny hops (Place hands shoulder distance apart, keep your knees together, jump your bottom and heels up – like you’re jumping over a log! Make sure you keep the knees softened)

1 min crab walks

30 seconds rest

1 min of push-ups

1 min of running on the spot

1 min of ab bicycles

1 min of sumo squat jumps

Cool down & stretch

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