Meet Lorna: Lifebox’s Intern

Meet Lifebox’s newest member! Lorna is a recent history and film graduate from the University of Exeter. She reached out to Lifebox for an internship back in May, and the rest is history!

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, I grew up in the epicentre of health fads. Doing a “cleanse” or attending a yoga retreat was nothing out of the ordinary. Growing up in Hollywood surrounded by actors and models, one could not help but associate health/fitness with beauty or the superficial. It was only until I became interested in animal advocacy and fitness that I began to appreciate health truly.

My love for all things wellness manifested itself in a vlog in which I concocted vegan recipes, explored different fitness routines, and discussed various topics from which markets sell dragon fruit, to tips on prioritising your mental wellbeing after a breakup. I thought cooking, fitness, and vlogging were just passion projects, so you could imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered I could transform these hobbies into a career.

Working with Lifebox was a no-brainer. Lifebox believes in being fit over being thin which is right in line with my approach to health. In addition to this, Lifebox never compromises tastiness in the name of “health”. I love that every box includes delicious sweets that are free of refined sugars but still taste out of this world! My experience with Lifebox so far has been a fantastic learning opportunity. As a growing start-up, there is always something to be done, such as updating the Lifeblog. Internships have a reputation of consisting of tedious work and coffee runs, but at Lifebox, there is plenty to do, and you know that your hard work is making an impact.  It is a thrill to be able to transform my passion for health and food into a career. I am incredibly grateful to my Lifebox family for being incredible mentors and for giving me this opportunity.

Kindest and healthiest regards,


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