Meet Hollie: The Pilates Queen Behind ‘The Model Method’

Although healthy snacks are our forte here at Lifebox, we like to take the time to spotlight some of the foremost movers and shakers within the wellness community. This week, we would like to introduce you to Hollie!

Hollie Grant is the founder of The Model Method and owner of PilatesPT. A trained chef and award-winning personal trainer and experienced Pilates instructor, Hollie is passionate about encouraging women to think of their bodies not by dress size, but by their function and ability to withstand illness.

After training with STOTT and teaching over 5000 classes, Hollie began to feel that more could be added to the Pilates discipline to improve the effects. This led her to experiment with various combinations of Pilates and HIIT, which is where The Model Method training plan originated.  

Now owning a very successful personal training studio in London, Hollie has earned an impressive client list through her innovative method. This includes the likes of Ella Woodward, Jourdan Dunn, Millie Mackintosh and Melissa Hemsley.

Hollie is passionate about the lifestyle and fitness benefits of Pilates and is a huge advocate of the #strongnotskinny movement. Her training technique reflects this philosophy, and her dedication means her clients never fail to leave happy, healthy and strong.    

Hollie is also due to release her first book ‘The Model Method’, a super lead title for Piatkus. The book is scheduled for publication as a trade paperback and e-book in January 2018. Divided into three parts, The Model Method teaches readers how our bodies function and perform, rather than how they look, to encourage a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

The Model Method Online

The Model Method Online is the first truly personalised female focussed holistic exercise, nutrition and wellbeing online plan available. It is an 8-Week programme that combines Pilates & HIIT videos (specifically tailored to each client based on their initial consultation) a Starter Box (curated in collaboration with Lifebox) containing a range of Hollie’s favourite foods, her nutrition guide ‘Nourish’ (written with health coach Jenny Millichip), ‘Eat Sweat Play’ by Anna Kessel (a book which hugely influenced Hollie and her view of exercise), a resistance band (to be used with the videos) and a range of other useful items. Furthermore, all clients will receive a 2-month subscription to Headspace and access to exclusive wellbeing content written and collated especially for the plan covering topics such as body confidence, intuitive eating, mindfulness, and sleep by industry experts such as Laura Thomas, Emma Mills, Melissa Hemsley, and Chloe Brotheridge.


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