Marie Claire made by Lifebox Presents; Primrose Kitchen

As part of our Marie Claire by Lifebox ‘Winter Skin edition,’ we spoke to each of our wonderful partners about their fantastic products. We discovered the story of how the products came to be and discussed their excitement to be featured in Marie Claire by Lifebox.

Dorset based Primrose’s kitchen produce wonderfully delicious and artisan breakfast cereal. Using 100% natural products such as granola, porridge and muesli their cereal is packed full of flavour and their tried and tested healthy snack recipe of all natural ingredients nourishes your body throughout the day. We spoke to Primrose’s Kitchen to discover all about their wonderful cereal and the story behind it.

For those who don’t know what you do, briefly introduce us to Primrose’s Kitchen?

Primrose’s Kitchen is an artisan breakfast cereal producer based in Dorset. It was started by Primrose Matheson, a naturopath whose own health issues in her teens triggered her to pay more attention to all aspects of her life and how they were affecting her health,  in particular, her diet. 

This started a journey and studies in nutrition and wellbeing, the knowledge of which she has incorporated into her products in order to inspire others. 

What is the Primrose Kitchen ethos?

 Primrose’s Kitchen is about empowerment through food. It is about being adventurous and challenging your fears or preconceived ideas around what you like and what you don’t in order to rediscover who you really are and what you love and why you are here. 

Bringing balanced nutrition into your life through healthy snacks, you are better fuelled and inspired to make the changes you need to make to enable you to follow your bliss and bring your own gifts to the world.

What are the health benefits of Primrose’s Kitchen products?

All our products are free from Gluten, dairy, wheat and soya, making our products perfect for those in search of a gluten free, vegan snack. We use organic ingredients where possible and incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into all our products which are slowly air dried at low temperatures to maintain their goodness. 

Our products provide wholefood nutrition that your body can recognise with a perfect balance of protein, good fats and carbohydrate to keep you fuelled. We use beneficial seeds like chia, hemp and psyllium husk for added protein and fibre alongside the rehydrating effects of virgin coconut oil.

What is the process when it comes to sourcing ingredients?

We source the highest quality ingredients from the best producers.

That means buying our vegetables from organic growers in the southwest, our oats from British millers and English apples from Kent. 

Our oranges and lemons come directly from growers in Spain and our nuts and seeds from growers in the Netherlands. We are always seeking out the best suppliers and producers to bring you the very best product. 

Who should we buy Primroses Kitchen products for?

 Primrose’s Kitchen is perfect for anyone who enjoys delicious food and also for those looking to eat more consciously and with nutrition in mind. 

Whether your 16 or 60 you will enjoy our products and feel nourished by them. 

Describe the perfect serving suggestion of scenario to best enjoy?

We suggest servings of 40g.  We love serving our beetroot muesli as a bircher soaked overnight in almond milk as a mid-morning healthy snack to allow the fresh vegetables to come back to life. 

How and why did you get involved with Lifebox?

 We have supported Lifebox since they started being involved in their earliest boxes. We love how they are inspiring people to eat better through healthy snacks. 

What is your top wellness tip?

Chew your food 20 times before you swallow it to improve digestion and absorption.

Where can we find out more about Primrose’s Kitchen?

 Head over to our website!

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