Marie Claire made by Lifebox Presents A Sweet Vegan Snack: Ombar

As part of our Marie Claire by Lifebox ‘Winter Skin edition,’ we spoke to each of our wonderful partners about their fantastic products. We discovered the story of how the products came to be and discussed their excitement to be featured in this seasons must-have subscription gift – Marie Claire by Lifebox.

Deliciously crafted, sweet cocoa chocolate is what vegan snack brand, Ombar pride themselves on. Their products are both sweet and healthy, what more could you ask for? We spoke to the good people of Ombar about their healthy snacks and their involvement in Lifebox.

For those who don’t know what you do, briefly introduce us to Mood Foods Ombar?

We think cacao is pretty incredible. So at Ombar, we keep it raw.

Most chocolate is made by roasting cacao at high heat, which reduces its natural goodness. Because our cacao goes through a low-temp process, it stays choc-full of the nutrients and rich flavours that nature intended.

Looking for a vegan snack or tasty treat? Made with live cultures and free of refined sugar and dairy, Ombar is chocolate you can feel good about. 

What is the Mood Foods Ombar ethos?

We believe in the power of raw cacao, and in a healthier, more nourishing chocolate, without compromising on taste.

What are the health benefits of the Ombar products?

Our chocolate contains raw cacao, which is choc-full of nutrients such as magnesium, iron and manganese, and contains up to six times more flavanols than conventional chocolate containing roasted cacao.

Not only have we ditched the roasting process in making Ombar, but we’ve ditched the dairy as well. We believe a plant-based diet is better for our bodies and for the planet – to us, it just makes sense. We also use only unrefined coconut sugar, and whole fruits and powders rather than fruit flavourings. We even include a dose of live cultures in some of our flavours!

All of our chocolate is organic, all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and suitable for vegan snacks. 

What is the process when it comes to sourcing ingredients?

We source our raw cacao directly from farmers’ cooperatives in Ecuador, where we work closely with the communities to ensure fair compensation. We even invest directly into some of the communities to improve farming and harvesting practices, ensuring a higher quality product which yields a better price for the farmers, and a better ingredient for our chocolate.

Who should we buy the Ombar for?

Whether you eat the entire Ombar yourself or share it with loved ones, Ombar is chocolate you can feel good about.

When is the best time to enjoy an Ombar?

Indulge in your #OmMoment whenever you get the urge! Whether topping your morning porridge, nibbling on-the-go, or devouring an entire bar after dinner, Ombar is great for a daily dose of raw cacao.

How and why did you get involved with Lifebox?

Like Lifebox, we too believe in whole, real, good, natural food. When Lifebox reached out to us for a partnership we didn’t even think of resisting. We love their mission to get the nation excited about eating well and of course, we wanted to get involved.

What is your top wellness tip?

Despite being super busy running a business, a chocolate factory, and even making the chocolate himself, our founder, Richard, still makes time to meditate for 10 minutes every day. Focusing and quieting the mind helps to empower healthier choices in life. And at Ombar, we’re all about healthier choices!

Where can we find out more about Ombar and other Mood Foods products (we don’t have any other products)?

To find out more about our raw chocolate, visit the website!

What matters most to your wellbeing?

Having a healthy mind, which leads to healthier choices for your body.

We’re super pleased to feature Ombar in our Marie Claire made by Lifebox ‘Winter Skin edition,’ to find out even more about their amazing product click here.

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