Marie Claire made by Lifebox Presents the Ultimate Vegan Snack Supplements: NeatNutrition

As part of our Marie Claire by Lifebox ‘Winter Skin edition,’ we spoke to each of our wonderful partners about their fantastic products. We discovered the story of how the products came to be and discussed their excitement to be featured in this season’s must-have subscription gift – Marie Claire by Lifebox.

Leading the vegan snack protein scene with former GB swimmers Lee Forster & Charlie Turner at the helm neat-nutrition provide some of the best tasting and professionally crafted, vegan wellness protein on the market. We caught up with neat-nutrition to find out more about their, ethos, product and why they’re so happy to be part of Marie Claire X Lifebox.

For those who don’t know what you do, briefly introduce us to neat-nutrition?

Neat Nutrition is a wellness led F&B brand with simple, high-quality products and a community of education and support. Founded by former GB swimmers Lee Forster & Charlie Turner who wanted to create a set of products that were great tasting, well-sourced and for every lifestyle.

What is the neat-nutrition ethos?

Clean, simple, no-nonsense.

What are the health benefits of the neat-nutrition products?

Our Vegan Protein is a blend of pea and hemp, which is great for anyone with a sensitive tummy. Just mix, post workout, with water, milk, non-dairy milk or with fruits and veggies as a vegan snack to help your muscles repair and recover. Alternatively, replace your daily healthy snack with a shake if you’re not getting enough protein in your diet.

What is the process when it comes to sourcing ingredients?

We spent a lot of time refining our ingredients and flavours to ensure we had products we could be proud of. We only source ingredients that are of the best quality and stick to natural flavours, We don’t add any fillers or rubbish and ensure a provenance chain.

Who should we buy neat-nutrition products for?

Anyone! Our products are for every lifestyle and can be used for exercise recovery, supplements to your diet (e.g. if you’re a vegan and need to up your protein intake) and daily wellbeing.

When is the perfect time to enjoy one of your products?

It depends on the product. With our proteins, a great time to have a shake is after a workout, mixed with water. This will reach your muscles quickest and start repairing the damage caused during exercise.

Tell us the perfect serving suggestion or scenario?

Mixing a scoop of our chocolate protein powder with your milk of choice, banana and peanut butter – a great combination of protein, carbs and good fats to help exercise recovery or to curb hunger between meals.

How and why did you get involved with Lifebox?

We’ve been involved with healthy snacks brand, Lifebox almost as long as Neat Nutrition has been a business! It’s been a great way to get our products out to an audience who are interested in health and wellbeing and we love the recipes that Lifebox put together.

What is your top wellness tip?

Life is about enjoyment. Try to be your healthiest self; find the exercise you enjoy doing, eat well, but let yourself indulge occasionally. Mental health is just as important as physical health so make time for yourself and the things that make you happy.

Where can we find out more about neat-nutrition?

Head to the website for more! or at our social channels: @neat_nutrition

What matters most to your wellbeing?


We’re super pleased to feature Neat Nutrition in our Marie Claire made by Lifebox ‘Winter Skin edition,’ to find out even more about their amazing product click here.

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