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12 January 2015

My dearest Lifeboxers,

Welcome to the second edition of the Lifeblog and what an exciting few weeks it has been…..there is so much to tell you!

Firstly, to all of you who have purchased your first Lifebox (or second for some of you!), or have signed up to one of our subscriptions, can I personally say a huge THANK YOU for your support, your wonderful photos that have been popping up all over instagram and twitter and for your kind emails. I really hope that your Lifebox experience has been a fabulous one – we love hearing from you all so please keep in touch and let us know any feedback at all from your LB experience (or just drop us a line to say hello!) – it can get pretty lonely in our LB cave at times 😉

Secondly, one of my favourite things that has happened recently and something I have told pretty much every person I come into contact with is that Lifebox was recently featured on the pages of vogue.co.uk by the fabulous Calgary Avansino in her guide to the “7 newest healthy food finds” – yes THE actual Vogue (I was shocked myself believe me!). It was a total privilege and a monumental occasion for LB, showing we are hopefully moving on up and on our way to achieving our goal – to make healthier eating easy, achievable and most importantly of all ENJOYABLE for you, OUR customers.


Check it out for yourselves if you didn’t see it by clicking the above image



We also have very exciting news coming up in time for the eagerly anticipated (or dreaded for many of us!) festive period. Sophie Bradshaw of the infamous blog www.stopsnapshare.co.uk (www.instagram.co.uk) will be collaborating with us, helping us to curate our first “Bare Baking Box” – a little introduction to baking in a more mindful and healthy way. We are extremely excited to be working with her, most importantly as she is a glorious human being and is from one, if not THE best parts of the country like me, the mighty Yorkshire! She is ridiculously busy and with offers flying in in abundance from others desperate to get their hands on her, we are even more honoured that she has chosen to work alongside us for one of our December boxes – watch this space!

In other news, our November boxes are on the horizon – they are being finalised as I type and will be ready for lift off from the LB cave on Sat 1st November. We will let you in on a little secret about who might possibly be featuring – none other than the wonderful chaps at raw ecstasy – we love everything about what they are doing and salivate profusely even just looking at their packets of deliciousness, wait till you try their wares. www.rawecstasy.co.uk You will understand exactly what I mean and will NOT be disappointed, I promise!

Don’t forget, there is still time to enter our competition to guess what our new November box is going to be. Simply head over to our instagram page, find the pic with our competition question and lifebox on – share it and tag us in the pic, putting your guess as a comment. Anyone who guesses correctly will win the first NEW box! OR CLICK THE PIC BELOW.

Right, if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this news post then congratulations and you will be glad to know its nearly over. As a reward here is 10% any of our October boxes especially for you – why not treat a loved one and send them a gift message with their box? (ENTER “CLEANERLIFE” AT CHECKOUT http://lifeboxfood.com/choose-your-box/

We hope all is good with you and we look forward to hearing from you very soon….don’t be shy.

Kindest & healthiest regards

Jen & the LB Crew x

Vogue Magazine

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