The Lifebox Food Journal Series: Episode 8 with Mel Wells


13 March 2017

Hey team! Welcome to our March edition of the Lifebox Food Journal Series and oh boy have we got a special guest in the hot seat this month!

Each month we get one of our health & wellness heroes onto the comfy Lifebox sofa to bring you a little insight into their daily food diary and to grill them with our quick fire round where they spill the beans and tell you all their “must have” favourite foods, life hacks and more!

March has seen us bag a bit of a winner for you as we bring you none other than ex Hollyoaks actress and chief goddess herself Mel Wells:

Here’s Mel……

Mel Wells is a Food Psychology and Body Image Coach, and the Bestselling Author of ‘The Goddess Revolution’. She helps women all over the world overcome disordered eating, and totally overhaul their relationship with food and their bodies, so they can love themselves wholly and step into the lives they were born to lead. Mel lives between London and Bali, where she leads transformational Goddess Retreats.

My typical Day……Mel’s Food Diary

Every morning I get up early in Bali, head on my vespa to my local coffee shop. There, I have 30 minutes of goal setting with a coffee (mine’s an Almond milk latte)

Then I’ll head to yoga and take a 90 minute flow class. After this I’ll head for breakfast, which will either be a granola breakfast bowl, or avocado and eggs on toast with a green juice. 

I’ll tend to have a late lunch around 2.30 – 3pm which is usually my biggest meal of the day. This would usually be a veggie wrap, a nourishing jam packed salad, or if I’m not feeling particularly hungry at lunch I might opt for a green smoothie, a coconut or some fruit snacks.

Dinner would usually be either a veggie curry, a stir fry or a soup with garlic bread. Usually I’d also have something sweet afterwards before bed. Lately I’ve been loving turmeric lattes with almond milk, and sometimes I’ll also have dark chocolate or a cookie. 


Every day is totally different, and I never follow meal plans or rules. For someone who has recovered from years of eating disorders and now helps so many women to do the same, it’s super important for me that I always listen to my body, don’t deny myself, and eat when I’m hungry. I always eat to nourish my body and my soul. I don’t believe in restricted clean eating plans, counting or tracking food or calories or macros, or anything similar that makes you feel like you’re missing out on life. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and for someone who has a history of disordered eating, it’s now exceptionally important that I allow my body to show me the way. I do not control, I do not diet, I do not EVER cut whole food groups out or restrict myself from anything I want, and most importantly I never ever feel guilty for living this way. This is my philosophy around food and this is what I teach in all of my programs to help women transform their eating away from disordered patterns and into a beautifully intuitive and rewarding relationship with food. 

Mel’s Quick Fire Round

Your Go to healthy snack

Green juice or smoothie

Your Go to quick workout / exercise


Yoga and meditation

Your Go to way to unwind and find a moment of calm 

Journalling and goal setting

Your Go to way to feel magnificent

Getting in nature or by the sea

Your Go to wellness blog / book

The Goddess Revolution of course!

Your personal Mantra

To get a body you love, start by loving the body you have.

Your favourite healthy life hack

Oil pulling with coconut oil

New trend to look out for in 2017?

Less alcohol, more kombucha.

Your favourite indulgent treat (when you just need that piece of green & blacks or slice of pizza!) 

Gotta be a veggie pizza or Sushi! 

A simple favourite fail safe healthy recipe

My Green Goddess Bowl of Love

Your health / wellness Icon / Guru (!)

Kris Carr 

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Till next time Lifeboxers…….much love & health

Jen & The LB Crew x x x

NOTE: Follow Mel on Insta: @iammelwells, Twitter: IAmMelWells & FB: @IAmMelWells

Want to try one of Mel’s delicious goddess recipes? Click here

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