The Lifebox Food Journal Series: Episode 7 with nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert


20 January 2017

Welcome Welcome Welcome to the January edition of our fabulous little food journal series featuring one of our nutritionist heroes….Rhiannon Lambert!

Each month we put one of our health & wellness heroes into the comfy Lifebox hot seat to bring you a little insight into their daily food diary and we put them through their paces in our quick fire round where they spill the beans and tell you all their “must have” favourite foods, life hacks and more!

Here’s Rhiannon…..

Rhiannon Lambert BSc MSc ANutr

I am a Registered Nutritionist practicing in London’s Harley Street where I specialise in Weight Management, Eating Disorders and Sports Nutrition.

Having won Classic FM’s Singer of the Year at 17, I was first a professional soprano trained at the Royal Academy of Music and my belief that nutrition can play a significant role in your overall health, wellbeing and appearance has been tested performing around the world.

I have obtained a first class honours degree (BSc) in Nutrition & Health, Masters degree (MSc) in Obesity & Eating Disorders and studied at The National Centre for Eating Disorders. My qualified approach to nutrition and total dedication to clients’ needs has seen me work with some of the world’s most influential people.

For more information and to discuss a private consultation, please visit, email and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Rhitrition

My typical Food Diary might look like…


2 scrambled eggs with 1 egg white and half an avocado on a toasted slice of rye bread with a matcha tea

Snack: Apple dipped in almond nut butter


White fish with quinoa and roasted vegetables sprinkled with seeds

Snack: A vanilla protein shake mixed with unsweetened almond milk


Roast Chicken with brown rice in an olive tomato sauce and a side of broccoli
Dessert: Greek yoghurt with raspberries mixed with matcha and vanilla protein powder

You’re up Rhiannon, quick fire round….GO!

Your Go to healthy snack

Boiled eggs

Your Go to quick workout / exercise!


Your Go to way to unwind and find a moment of calm

A candle lit epsom salts bath listening to classical music

Your Go to way to feel magnificent

An evening massage followed by 8 hours deep sleep.

Your Go to wellness blog / book

It’s being written at the moment! The premise is about re-nourishing your mind and body with evidence backed advice.

Your personal Mantra

You’ve heard it a thousand times before but it’s true – hard work pays off.

Your favourite healthy life hack

No symptoms that can be treated with nutrition should be treated by any other means.

New trend to look out for in 2017

Medicinal Mushrooms. They boost your immune system and are one of the few natural sources of Vitamin D. The NHS suggests Vitamin D deficiency now affects 1 in 5 people in the UK.

Your favourite indulgent treat (when you just need that piece of green & blacks or slice of pizza!)!

Crumble. An opportunity to eat a crumble has never been turned down!

A simple favourite fail safe healthy recipe

Omelette filled with leftovers.

Your health / wellness Icon / Guru

Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef – for his unwavering stance on the importance of evidence backed nutritional guidance.

Find Rhiannon’s fabulous recipes inside our January Lifebox or check out her website / social media for more from the shining nutritionist star!

Much love & health

Jen & The LB Crew

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