The Lifebox Food Journal Series: Episode 6 with Sarah Lemanski of Noisette Bakehouse


17 November 2016


Welcome once again to our fantastic food journal series featuring one of our favourite culinary inspirations….Sarah Lemanski!

Each month we put one of our health & wellness heroes into the comfy Lifebox hot seat to bring you a little insight into their daily food diary and we put them through their paces in our quick fire round where they spill the beans and tell you all their “must have” favourite foods, life hacks and more!

SO everyone, please say hello to the sensational and darn well delicious Sarah Lemanski. Baker extraordinaire, expert flavour innovator, all round beautiful person inside and out and photography skills to boot, Sarah is one inspirational little cookie and we are thoroughly excited to have her as our featured recipe contributor and journal entry this month!


Sarah Lemanski is founder of Noisette Bakehouse, a curious micro bakery intent on hand crafting
the most intriguing baked goods around and is also the owner of the Madeleine Express, a 1978
Citroen HY van, beautifully reborn as a bakery on wheels with a nod to its French roots and petite cake namesake.Sarah’s inspired creations are a culmination of her varied interests, garnered from books, nature, travel and art. Her love of international baking, from Japan to Eastern Europe and her penchant for unusual ingredients from Miso to Kefir, combine with her strong Yorkshire roots and sensibilities to create original recipes that have her customers queueing wherever she pops up next. Her selection of baked goods both sweet and savoury convey a unique style of modern baking that produces flavour forward and well considered cakes, pies, tarts and patisserie. Famed in her hometown of Leeds for the infamous Salt Caramel Brownie, along with her trademark creation the Morning Cake™ and the endless array of gluten free, dairy free and vegan treats unlike any kind you’ve seen before. It is this passion and dedication that won her the Young British Foodie (YBF’s) Baker of the Year 2014, a well regarded award judged by experts in the field of food and drink.

You can follow Sarah and keep up to goings on at the Noisette Bakehouse on Instagram
@NoisetteBakehouse and Twitter – @NoisetteBakes and catch a glimpse of life outside the bakery
Check out and for more info and recipes

My Food Journal: A little insight into what a typical food day looks like for Sarah


PORRIDGE, always porridge, without fail, 100% each and everyday! Its a blank canvas to dress
with so many seasonal bits and pieces as well as my everyday staples that I love to eat each
morning. There are always walnuts and bee pollen, plus seasonal additions of whatever fruit is
tasting particularly lush. I add a little honey from my bee keeper, he hooks me up with small
batches of unusual honey that he’s collected…willow, chestnut, blueberry pollination…all sorts. I
like to cook it until its thick and creamy but always finish it off with an almond milk moat around the edge and a sprinkle of Maldon Sea Salt to bring out all the flavours. Plus a good cup of tea. Snack attacks hit me frequently throughout the day as I spend most of it on my feet in the bakery. I’m guilty of snaffling handfuls of homemade granola, rice cakes with nut butter or a square of two of dark chocolate when one strikes.

Lunch, or up North we call it Dinner

Now that its getting cold lunch has to be a hot box of something nourishing and delicious.
Homemade soup with homemade bread would be my ideal winter lunch everyday just because its
quick and easy but I’m rarely organised enough so I like to keep tins of butterbeans and plenty of seasonal squashes around the bakery to roast in the oven… I’ll have them with greens sautéed
with a little caraway or fennel seed and then mixed with butterbeans and drizzled with my go to
tahini and coconut amino dressing which tastes the bomb on everything. Keeping a batch of cooked grains in the fridge is handy so I might add rice of quinoa too and I always have fresh parsley and coriander about my person no matter what the season, they add a fresh finish to otherwise robust and hearty winter salads. Hunger inevitably strikes again before its time for tea so I usually grab some fruit. Good British apples or pears…definitely organic are my preference. I’m not too jazzed about tropical or exotic fruits but citruses spark me and once Pomelo season hits I’m allover that thing, like its own pith pile coat.

Evening meal, or up North we call it TEA

I love to have a big one pot dish in the fridge all week that I can dip into and add a few veggies or beans to over the week, something like tofu polpetti in spicy tomato sauce, a smoky paprika and blackbean stew, thick and unctuous with okra and sweet potato or curried cauliflower in turmeric and almond sauce with loads of green peas. Any of these fit the bill, all served with quinoa or wholemeal pasta or rice.


Sarah’s Quick fire round

Your Go to healthy snack

Rice cakes – I like the Kallo Buckwheat ones, topped with something sweet or savoury depending
on my mood, usually marmite and avocado or nut butter and banana.

Your Go to quick workout / exercise

A quick walk out in the fresh air to get my sluggish circulation going, weather permitting otherwise a
15 minute yoga flow in my studio with the radiator on full blast to limber up.

Your Go to way to unwind and find a moment of calm

I find my mind and mood can be calmed by checking in on my plants. I have a tonne of
houseplants and a small courtyard garden. Just looking at them, seeing how they’re growing tells
me a lot about how I’m moving through a week. If they’re doing well it usually means I’m on top of things, if they look a little wilted and neglected then chances are I’ve been neglecting myself too.

Your Go to way to feel magnificent

Taking the time to cook for my husband or my sister. Both are avid veggies and love it when I
experiment and cook off the cuff for them. Even better if its pancake or waffle based.

Your Go to wellness blog / book

I don’t really follow any wellness blogs, but I definitely know that my wellness is kept in check by taking time out to look at blogs completely unrelated to anything in the realms of food or indeed anything work related. Art, design and travel blogs are an amazing source of inspiration and remind me that I am more than my job and that at any moment I can learn a new skill, partake in an activity or travel somewhere in a world much bigger than that in my head.

Your personal Mantra

More sleep less weep. Sounds kinda daft but I’m prone to spontaneously combust into a wailing
mess, especially when i’m overtired and exhausted. Sleep is so important, I’m a sobbing
oversensitive mess when I don’t get enough good quality sleep.

New trend to look out for in 2016?

I think the new trend might just be getting back to talking IRL, face to face, knowing peoples real
names, i.e. the one on their birth certificate as opposed to their social media handle.

Your favourite indulgent treat (when you just need that piece of green & blacks or slice of pizza!)

I try to avoid dairy products in my everyday diet but every now and then I just crave Brie so bad I

A simple favourite fail safe healthy recipe

Genius chickpea frittata adapted from an amazing book called Chickpea Flour Does It All. At its
base is chickpea flour and water, which I pretty much always have on hand. Throw in whatever
spices, herbs and seasoning you have plus fresh or frozen veggies and you can have a filling,
healthy and quick meal on the table within half an hour. Add a fancy seasonal salad and you can
have something that looks like it took a whole lot more effort than it did.

Your health / wellness Icon / Guru (!)

Michael Pollan

Until the next instalment, a huge thanks to my lovely friend & hero Sarah…… well, feel well & thrive AND check out more from Sarah here

Jen & The LB Crew x x

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