The Lifebox Food Journal Series: Episode 6 with Plantbased Pixie – Pixie Turner


13 October 2016


Welcome Welcome Welcome once again to our fantastic food journal series!

It’s taken a wee break but now it’s back AND with a stonker of an episode to boot…..

Each month we put one of our health & wellness heroes into the comfy Lifebox hot seat to bring you a little insight into their daily food diary and we also put them through their paces in our quick fire round where they spill the beans and tell you all their “must have” favourite foods, life hacks and more!


SO everyone, please say hello to the incredible Pixie Turner. Not only does her instagram feed make us drool uncontrollably,we can’t help but love Pixie’s knack of speaking her mind and rebelling against some of the “hype” and “fads” that regularly arise from the Wellness scene, preferring to promote science based, evidence rich values which is something we at Lifebox can appreciate and applaud wholeheartedly.

Pixie is a 23-year-old blogger, speaker, scientist (BSc), and nutritionist (MSc) in London with a rather rebellious side that we can’t help but love. She is dedicated to promoting a balanced lifestyle supported by evidence-based science. As well as organising food events in London, she has also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health online, and the Huffington Post. You can find her recipes and rants over at her blog Plantbased Pixie (, and on her Instagram (@plantbased_pixie).

My Food Journal: A little insight into what a typical food day looks like for Pixie

I try and have some water as soon as I wake up, I’m really not a morning person so I spend a good half hour lying in bed catching up on social media and hydrating. If I’m feeling like a sweet breakfast I’ll go for oats with berries and almond butter, if savoury then avocado on sourdough with poached eggs, sometimes with coffee. Lunch is usually some form of salad with greens, a few types of veg, beans, and pesto. I tend not to snack, but instead I’ll make myself tea in the afternoon or another coffee, but if I’m really hungry I’ll reach for either a fruit and nut bar or a sachet of nut butter. I usually have a nice big warm dinner, something like curry with dal and rice. Chocolate features basically every evening as I always want something sweet after dinner; I tend to go for Lindt or Hotel Chocolat – I have expensive taste!

Pixie’s Quick fire round

Your Go to healthy snack

Raw sugar snap peas (we feel you on this one, the BEST!)

Your Go to quick workout / exercise


Your Go to way to unwind and find a moment of calm

Spending time with my kitten

Your Go to way to feel magnificent

Bake an awesome loaf of bread

Your Go to wellness blog / book

I don’t actually have one, I prefer to look at books by people like Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein.

Your personal Mantra

Eat to be happy as well as healthy

New trend to look out for in 2016?


Your favourite indulgent treat (when you just need that piece of green & blacks or slice of pizza!)

Chocolate every day!

A simple favourite fail safe healthy recipe

Stuffed butternut squash (find this recipe in your Lifebox!)


Your health / wellness Icon / Guru (!)

Again I don’t actually have one, as I haven’t yet found one who’s principles I totally agree with. But I guess my grandparents, as even though they’re in their 70s they still exercise, cook for themselves daily, and try their best to stay healthy. To reach that age and still be as active and healthy as they are is incredible I think!

Until the next instalment, a huge thanks to Pixie…… well, feel well & thrive!

Jen & The LB Crew x x

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