The Lifebox Food Journal Series: Episode 4 with The Food Medic


16 June 2016

Welcome once again to our fantastic food journal series. Each month we put some of our favourite shining stars from the Health & Wellness Movement into the Lifebox hot seat (its hot but INCREDIBLY comfy) to bring you a little insight into their daily food diary. We also put them through their paces in our quick fire round where they spill the beans and tell you all their “must have” favourite foods, life hacks and things to look out for in 2016!


This week its the turn of one of our Fitness heroes: The Food Medic, AKA the sensational Hazel Wallace.


Hazel Wallace is the founder of The Food Medic ( She is a final year medical student with a passion for health and fitness. Although Irish born and bred, she has been living in Wales for the past 7 years.

The Food Medic arose from her medical background and interest in sports nutrition. She set up The Food Medic blog in August 2013, in the hopes of using it as a platform to show people that eating healthy, or eating ‘clean’, can be enjoyable, uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into busy lifestyle – like that of a medical student! On top of her studies as a medical student and her work as a blogger, she also has a number of collaborative products on the market, including her own range of protein powder. You can find her on instagram/twitter/snapchat: (@thefoodmedic)

My Food Journal: A little insight into a typical day for The Food Medic

Are you a #fitnessfreak and need some inspo and insider knowledge as to a healthy diet for a workout heavy lifestyle? Here’s how Hazel fuels her day:


Baked eggs and Kale


Strong coffee and Quest peanut butter cup!


Venison burger, sweet potato mash and kale 


Baked salmon fillet and roasted vegetables 

Night time snack

Protein oats topped with peanut butter, fruit and 85% dark chocolate! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.43.37

Hazel’s Quick fire round

Your Go to healthy snack

2 squares of dark chocolate and a dollop of peanut butter

Your Go to quick workout / exercise

Tabata workout of squats and Burpees

Your Go to way to unwind and find a moment of calm

Keeping up with the kardashians in my pi’s!

Your Go to way to feel magnificent

a sweaty workout!

Your Go to wellness blog / book

TED talks 

Your personal Mantra

Dream BIG, but start small. 

Your favourite healthy life hack

walk when you can! 

New trend to look out for in 2016?

Matcha becomes mainstream

Your favourite indulgent treat (when you just need that piece of green & blacks or slice of pizza!)

Loaded nachos with ALL the toppings.

A simple favourite fail safe healthy recipe

Roasted chicken, sweet potato and broccoli (so boring, but always delicious!) 

Your health / wellness Icon / Guru (!)

Cameron Diaz, I find her philosophy on health and wellness so refreshing!

Catch more from Hazel over on her website

Until the next instalment…… well, live well beauties.

Jen & The LB Crew x x

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