The Lifebox Food Journal: Episode One with The Squirrel Sisters…..


18 March 2016

Just in time for Spring, Lifebox brings you something fresh & exciting! Welcome to The Lifebox Food Journal Series. Each month we will be grilling some of our favourite stars of the health & wellness industry, giving you an insight into what their typical daily food diary might look like as well as answering our QUICK FIRE question round……may episode one commence!


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The Lifebox Food Journal

Episode One featuring: The Incredible Squirrel Sisters

Sophie & Gracie Tyrell

We are two sisters who are passionate about health and wellbeing. We truly believe that life is all about balance and that you can still have fun whilst leading a healthy lifestyle. This is where the idea of Squirrel Sisters came from – we wanted to create what we were looking for… guilt-free food that fuelled our body and that was fun, healthy, easy and delicious. The company name ‘Squirrel Sisters’ was a nickname, which has stuck with us since childhood (Squirrel rhymes with our surname ‘Tyrrell’ and is much more fun to say!). Coincidently and perhaps luckily, we also love nuts! We pride ourselves on producing the most delicious whole food bars on the market and advocate the idea that in treating yourself you can treat your health!

Our bars are innovative in format, beautifully packaged and first and foremost delicious… as well as being made with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality. There are 3 flavours available in the range; Cacao Brownie (82 calories per bar), Raspberry Ripple (87 calories per bar) and Coconut Cashew (91 calories per bar). The 40g bar is split into two 20g sticks (2x 20g per pack) because we know how important portion control is to our consumers and we also want to encourage sharing! Squirrel Sisters bars fit in with a number of lifestyles such as vegan, paleo, gluten and refined sugar free, and they are 100% raw. They can be eaten any time of the day; pre/post workout, for breakfast, the snack between meals, after dinner as a healthy pudding- they are the perfect guilt-free treat!

Our Food Diary of a Typical Day


Workout: I do Crossfit 3 times a week and if I’m not doing this then I’ll try and cycle wherever I have to go that day or do a HIIT session later on.
Breakfast: Porridge with Almond milk, vegan protein powder and a variation of superfood powders or an omlette with spinach and feta.
Lunch: Salad with something like puy lentils, quinoa, avocado and tahini/coconut vinegar dressing
Afternoon Snack: Corn thins with smooth peanut butter (just peanuts) OR Squirrel Bars OR veg sticks and hummus
Dinner: Meat/fish with veg….I’ve been using the slow cooker a lot recently so tend to have healthy versions of curries or Stew with cauliflower rice or courgetti.


Breakfast: Porridge with almond milk, matcha powder, manuka honey and fruit and seeds sprinkled over the top OR wholemeal toast with almond or peanut butter and chia seeds sprinkled over the top.
Lunch: Soups or leftovers from dinner the night before.
Dinner: Brown rice pasta with homemade pesto.
Snacks: Squirrel bars, oat cakes, corn thins (depending on what mood I’m in ☺).


The Lifebox Quick Fire Round Q & A:

G- Gracie
S- Sophie

Your Go to healthy snack

G: Squirrel bars- my fav is cacao brownie ☺. I also love oat cakes with Hummus (my favourite brands are Rude Health and Nairns).
S: Squirrel sister bars of course!  But if I don’t  fancy something sweet and I’m at home then I’ll have a couple of rice cakes (or corn thins) with nut butter.

Your Go to quick workout / exercise

G: Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) HIIT workout- on a running machine you sprint as fast as you can on a high incline for 20 seconds then rest for 30-40 seconds then repeat. Continue repeating this for about 20 minutes.
S: I love the Body Coach HIIT workouts, or just going for a 20 minute jog (helped with Spotify Running – can’t run without music).

Your Go to way to unwind and find a moment of calm

G: A deep filled bath with Epsom salts. I love having a bath, I have one most nights and use Epsom salts about twice a week.
S: Getting really comfy on the sofa reading a book with a cup of tea

Your Go to way to feel magnificent

G: Working out- the saying “you never regret a workout’ is so true. I always feel amazing after working out and have so much energy.
S: Getting out of the house

Your Go to wellness blog / book

G: I love Niomi Smarts blog and videos- especially her healthy eating videos, they really inspire me and help spark ideas for things I can cook at home.
S: I love Madeliene Shaw for recipes and tips, and Women’s Health for a bit of everything!

Your personal Mantra

G: Life is all about balance… I think it’s much more realistic and achievable to live a balanced diet/lifestyle rather than attempting all the fads. So, for example if you have a party/event one night and maybe over indulge, make sure the next day you are kinder to your body by fuelling it with natural, healthy foods. I love eating healthily and genuinely enjoy it but I also love a glass of red wine and pizza from time to time and that’s ok!
S: Don’t waste time worrying about things that you probably won’t even remember it in a few months

Your favourite healthy life hack

G: Going meat-free from time to time. You can bulk out your meals with delicious things like chickpeas, lentils, black beans, brown rice and vegetables; not only does it make your food shop cheaper, but it also gives your digestive system a break.
S: Courgetti and Cauliflower Rice – SUCH an easy way to add veggies to your meal without feeling like you’re missing out 

New trend on the rise to look out for in 2016?

G: Baobab- it’s a superfruit powder that has more vitamin C than oranges, more potassium than bananas and more calcium than milk. It’s amazing for your immune system, energy and skin health. You can read more about it on our blog
S: Mindfulness is getting more and more important, it’s becoming more of a necessity rather than a ‘buzzword’ – you can see the increase in restorative yoga classes around London, meditation apps and coaching. I’ve written a more in-depth blog post with tips from guru Tessa Watt which you can find here

Your favourite indulgent treat (when you just need that piece of green & blacks or slice of pizza!)

G: Pizza and prosecco…
S: Cheese and red wine!! And I’ve been loving Doisy & Dom chocolate recently too.

A simple favourite fail safe healthy recipe:

G: My red lentil soup – Get the recipe here
S: I love chucking things in the slow cooker in the morning, but if I’m picking up ingredients on the way home and am in danger of getting hangry I’ll get salmon fillets or chicken/turkey and have them with stirfry or roast veg (a bit like this )

Your health / wellness Icon / Guru (!)
S & G: Our mum!!!!

not tried the incredible bars from the squirrel sisters yet…..keep your eyes peeled on up and coming Lifeboxes or why not check out their website & fabulous blog to find out where you can get yours! Just click the bars…..

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