The Lifebox Food Journal Episode 3 with Well + Happy


20 May 2016


Its that time of the month again. The third instalment of our epic new blog series; The Lifebox Food Journal has landed.

Each month we grill some of our favourite stars of the health & wellness industry to give you a unique insight into what their typical daily food diary might look like. They must also take on the hottest healthy gauntlet that is…. our QUICK FIRE round!

Step up to the plate…the sensational Chelsea Parsons, chocolate wizard & founder of the hugely successful Well + Happy.

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Introduce yourself Chelsea….

I’m Chelsea, founder of Well + Happy! Well + Happy are creators of guilt free indulgence and we lovingly craft raw, artisinal and handmade chocolate bars, which are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and soy. Our products however, are not free from great taste, luxurious indulgence and enjoyment. Everything we produce is ‘raw’, meaning it is not heated above a certain temperature. This means that our chocolate maintains all of the rich goodness and minerals derived from the cacao plant. 

I started Well + Happy just 1 year ago and my ethos has always been about good food and positive vibes… the two in our opinion go hand in hand and should never be separated!

You can find our raw chocolate goodies online at our shop – or at one of our stockists – also listed on the website

My Food Journal: A little peak into a typical day…..

A typical day always starts with a bowl of porridge! Im an absolute addict 🙂
I usually make mine with water, some berries and banana stirred in and often a square of raw chocolate… the chunky monkey bar goes perfectly with porridge! 
Lunch is usually a salad and afternoon snacks are more often than not raw chocolate!! Yup i’m still not bored of chocolate 🙂
Dinner is often my favourite garlic roasted sweet potato salad, with sundried tomatoes, walnuts and apple cider vinegar. YUM!

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Chelsea’s Quick Fire Round…..

Your Go to healthy snack!

Banana’s – They’re quick, easy and super filling. You can add them to meals, smother them with nut butter or just keep them handy for when you get a hunger moment!

Your Go to quick workout / exercise!

Ive just taken to cycling around London. Now the weather is trying to brighten up its an easy way to keep fit and save money! 

Your Go to way to unwind and find a moment of calm!

Yoga…. Being a complete yoga junkie means I step onto the mat for my calm. Breathing, flowing and moving meditation really does calm the mind.

Your Go to way to feel magnificent!

Hydration with water!! I know when I’m dehydrated, because I feel sluggish and unmotivated. Its the oldest trick in the book – but staying hydrated with water really does keep you feeling sparkling!

Your Go to wellness blog / book!

I love Goop! Gwyneth’s recipe books are also one of my favourites

Your personal Mantra!

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen… as it always is! 

Your favourite healthy life hack!

Eat raw chocolate every day! Its abundant in magnesium, feel good chemicals and tastes SO good!

choc boxes

New trend to look out for in 2016?!

Im so pleased that gut health education is on the rise. Its been a huge passion of mine since I got into the health scene and it really is the key to everything! Get your gut happy and everything else will fall into place 🙂

Your favourite indulgent treat (when you just need that piece of green & blacks or slice of pizza!)!

I love Well + Truly’s corn chips… dipped in homemade guacamole!

A simple favourite fail safe healthy recipe:

I’ll share my sweet potato salad with you all! Simply cube and roast sweet potatoes with crushed garlic, chilli’s and celtic sea salt, then toss with lettuce and rocket, sundried tomatoes, crushed walnuts and a drizzle of apple cider vinegar… you won’t be disappointed! (sounds incredible! The LB Crew are definitely making this tonight!

Your health / wellness Icon / Guru (!) 

I can’t say I have just one – I’m inspired by so many people, restaurants, cafes and brands! Every single person who is making a difference in the health and wellness movement is inspiring to me – as we’re all part of a bigger movement to grow this amazing healthy landscape!

Till next time, same time, same place for Episode 4….love & health
Jen & The LB Crew

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