The LifeBlog: Our first month


12 January 2015

…a flurry of emails, followers, orders and hard work!

Welcome, oh welcome my fellow “Healthies” to the very first PROPER POSH Lifebox News Post!

What an unbelievable first month….it really has been a scary but incredibly exciting whirlwind! I’m going to start with a lovely testimonial we received:

“Lifebox is a great way for people new to healthy eating to try out a selection of delicious treats full of goodness that they may not be familiar with in order to inspire them to eat better. A Lifebox would also make an amazing gift, especially for someone who needs a nudge to show them that healthy food can be exciting and tasty.”

Gwyneth Archer

Nutritional Therapist Ba (Hons), MA (Hons Cantab), BANT &

Gwyneth was one of the privileged few to receive one of the very first LifeBox’s and clearly enjoyed all the goodies that she discovered inside her Digestion Lifebox. To find out more about Gwyneth or to contact her about your nutritional needs please visit her website – she is already doing big things!

So we are currently furiously curating our October boxes ready for you guys to try out. We have managed to cram EVEN MORE incredible products into our new boxes to provide you with EVEN MORE VARIETY to discover as well as even greater value for money. We are so pleased to welcome some new and extremely shiny faces to our boxes this month including the wonderful Emily Fruit Crisps (you can already find them flying off the shelves in the food halls of Selfridges), RawBite (one of the tastiest clean treat bars we have tasted) as well as Battle Oats for those ridiculously active ones amongst you who need clean, healthy energy! We also see some of our popular faces sticking around for our second month as we just couldn’t bare to see them leave….Punch Superseeds (a favourite amongst receivers of our launch boxes!) and the now STAPLE in the fridge of “healthies” across the country; REBEL KITCHEN mylks. We can’t get enough guys…seriously.

We also had some fabulous twitter love from the incredible Davina Ward – be sure to follow her for fitness motivation:

Thats it from The Lifebox crew for this newsletter – don’t worry though, you will be THE FIRST to hear about our spanking offers and news! We are hoping to collaborate with the fabulous @stopsnapshare Sophie Bradshaw who will be writing a guest blog and sharing one of her glorious recipes for our November boxes which has got us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Such exciting times.

Kindest & healthiest regards for now….

Jen & The LB Crew x

Supporting Treckstock

15p from each box is donated to Trekstock!

There are more than 100,000 young adults living with cancer in the UK today. They lack support because little is known about the challenges they face and few services are dedicated to them.

Trekstock is committed to understanding and supporting their needs, so that no young adult has to face cancer alone.

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