Kefir: The latest buzz word on the wellness scene – but what is all the fuss about?


14 July 2016

If you’ve already had your Lifebox this month or you are an avid follower of our Instagram account you will already have seen and heard about Kefir and more importantly these beautiful bottles of the stuff produced by the sensational Little Bird Kefir.

Umisha Bhatia is one of the founders of this incredible new company, set to make rather large waves across London and the UK throughout the rest of 2016. Here she shares a little bit of info about the “health miracle” that is Kefir – the hottest probiotic drink on every “healthies” lips right about now.

5 reasons kefir is a health miracle

Your tummy is alive. Inside, it’s thriving with 100 TRILLION micro-organisms – and we have a lot to thank them for. We know they affect not just digestion, but our metabolism, immunity and even our mood. Poor diet and lifestyle choices – we’ve all been there – can harm levels of good bacteria and have a damaging effect on health.

You can keep your gut healthy by including probiotic foods in your diet, and kefir might just be the best of the bunch. Here are five of the reasons your tummy will thank you:

1. It’s one of the MOST probiotic foods in the world

Kefir is a probiotic powerhouse. It’s made by adding kefir ‘grains’, a kind of starter culture, to milk, starting a fermentation process. The result is up to 47 varieties of gut-friendly bacteria (live yoghurt has 2-3), making kefir the most powerful way to restore natural balance.

2. It’s easy and delicious

Let’s face it – when it comes to many health foods, we don’t want to eat them every day. Kefir is different. It’s smooth and creamy, like a tangy drinking yoghurt and is yummy in smoothies, with cereal or even in pancakes. Little Bird Kefir recommends enjoying a small glass in the morning to give you a boost for the whole day.

3. No more bloating

You know those days when your jeans are tight even when you’ve been eating well? Bloating can be annoying, embarrassing and downright painful. Kefir to the rescue! This is a great flat-belly food, settling the stomach, preventing gas and improving digestion. Though it’s usually made from milk, kefir is virtually lactose free, so is good for those with mild intolerance.

4. SOS – Save our skin!

Healthy gut bacteria help our body remove toxins and make vitamins. By drinking kefir you can promote healthy, beautiful skin through natural detox. You can even apply kefir to the skin as a DIY face mask, to calm down breakouts and acne.

5. Boost your metabolism

Scientists have linked obesity and diabetes to problems with the makeup of bacteria in the gut. A strong probiotic like kefir could help boost your metabolism and help people who are trying to lose weight

We could go on! For more kefir information and recipes visit Little Bird Kefir’s website.

How can I try it?

Previously, trying Kefir meant taking a trip to Eastern Europe, or scouring many health food shops to find a stockist. Frustrated with this inconvenient access, the founders of new brand Little Bird Kefir decided to sell it themselves – with home delivery over the internet at the click of a button.

logo little bird

Little Bird Kefir stock only fresh, undiluted kefir without added colours, flavours or preservatives. They deliver anywhere in the UK, and Life Box Subscribers who are keen to try it out can get 10% off their first purchase with code LFBOX10.

How does kefir make you feel?

We’d love to hear what you think of Little Bird Kefir and its powerful probiotic qualities. Please share your feedback via or let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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