Juice Detoxing: The PRESS guide…


15 January 2016


The lovely team at PRESS bring you a little guide to juice detoxing this January with an exclusive 10% discount especially towards any of their 1, 2 or 3 day cleanses…..

Daily life is stressful, we all know and experience this, especially when starting a New Year! The subsequent strain it puts on our health, whether that’s mentally or physically, is significant. Not only do we end up seeing this stress, in our skin, our weight, or our complexion, but above all, we feel it.

Taking time out for our mental health is well known and well practiced. Making time for family and friends, meditation and exercise are all things that help us to rebalance our state of mind, but what about our physical health?

Exercising and eating well are extremely important in achieving good physical health, but it’s also about looking after your body in a way that will set you up for a well balanced and rounded lifestyle, helping you making better decisions and feel the best you can at all times.

Juice detoxes, or cleanses, provide you with a myriad of benefits, both in the short term and long term.

The short term naturally lead into the long term, both are invaluable and have a time and place in our lives. Healthy weight loss, brightened complexion and increased mental clarity and focus are just a few of these short term results. In the long run, we can redefine eating habits, increase motivation, and set new routines leading to a healthier lifestyle and a new way of living.

Each 500ml cold-pressed juice contains 1kg of fresh fruit and vegetables, extracted using the most advanced methods. Before and during cold-pressing our kitchens and produce are cooled to below 3°C . Our ingredients are carefully inspected and prepared before 9 metric tonnes of pressure are slowly applied to press the juice out of our fruit and vegetables.

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3 day juice cleanses flood your body with nutrients and minerals. The naturally high content of enzymes and bacteria in our juice provides your digestive system with the chance to rest and rejuvenate from the processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol and caffeine that we continually bombard our digestives systems with. 3 days of consuming pure and unadulterated drinks allows our bodies to focus on other processes other than digestion.

This refocus of energy during a juice cleanse is why we see an increase in energy levels, skin clarity and also healthy weight loss.

Aside from the visual benefits, the 3 day change in diet allows us to really see what we’re ingesting on a daily basis, a wake up call if you will, and gives you a boost of non-negotiable motivation.

When you combine all of the above benefits with the quality and taste of our products, PRESS juice programmes are the best tasting, healthiest detox you can find and are perfect for the New Year!

Email our juice concierge on concierge@press-london.com for bespoke requests or any further questions


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15p from each box is donated to Trekstock!

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Trekstock is committed to understanding and supporting their needs, so that no young adult has to face cancer alone.

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