For me, its been rather a long time coming…….Our food Intolerance testing experience with YorkTest: Part 1


28 July 2016

by Lifebox Chief Jenny Sleath


It is something I have definitely been meaning to do for ages…..What am I ACTUALLY intolerant too? Is it the evil Gluten? Wheat? Dairy? Eggs? Soy perhaps?!

Food intolerance is a much talked about topic these days and it can feel like a bit of a confusing minefield. In addition, with the fantastic rise of the health & wellness industry so too comes a plethora of mumbo jumbo about what you should avoid, and the best diet or lifestyle to follow which is often based on very little nutritional or scientific fact. Are any of these justified or are bloggers, journalists and celebrities alike just second guessing their own bodies and following the latest “fad” or “trend” in the wellness world??!

I personally have chosen to be gluten free and majority dairy free for a fair few years now and yet these exclusions have been nothing to do with science or any form of actual testing, merely a lifestyle choice based on listening to my own body and guessing a few contributing factors to some of my mild ongoing digestive issues. I’m sure there are lots of you out there who have done similar things whether it be a few experimental “exclusions” here and there or removing certain food groups altogether in order to try and work out how your own body might work optimally. This stuff interests me greatly. The ACTUAL science behind how we are constructed and what food might best fuel the functioning of our darn right magnificent bodies. Bottom line we are all individuals. What works for one person may not work for another and thus it is very much about listening to your OWN machine, getting in tune with how it feels when exposed to different things, whether it be food, environment, supplements, fitness or general lifestyle.


Lifebox was the little brainchild of a certain point in my life where I felt at my best…..a time when I really felt my body was in its prime, both inside and out and it was all down to fuelling it with 100% natural wholefoods, unprocessed REAL food, whilst maintaining the necessity that is “balance” and consuming a little bit of what you love. Lifebox, I hope, now provides a little outlet where you can discover a whole host of incredible real wholesome food for yourself and be able to find what YOU enjoy and what works for YOU as an individual.

For me any sort of allergy or intolerance testing has been one of those things that is on my never ending to do list, things that I will definitely get round to and desperately want to embark on and yet tends to be put to the bottom of the queue due to the cost involved or the dread of what the results might actually show (insert gritted teeth emoji here). After feeling a little run down of late and after speaking to a qualified nutritionist I decided to venture into the world of intolerance testing. Cue YorkTest.

YorkTest use a proven scientific method to help pinpoint food triggers that may be affecting an individual’s health and lifestyle and after reading a bit about them on their user friendly website and hearing some positive feedback from my nutritionist I went ahead and ordered the Food & Drink Scan……

The process:

After ordering my Food & Drink Scan test online via a very simple process (currently £299, however there are a variety of different tests that you can go for at varying prices and a first step test which starts from only £14.95), I received the kit within 4 days. The instructions were simple and the test only requires a simple finger prick blood test which doesn’t hurt at all (despite it sounding a little daunting) and it is incredibly easy to administer. The test is then sent back in the prepaid envelope provided and YorkTest’s qualified scientists then measure food-specific IgG antibody reactions to up to 158 food and drink ingredients from its fully accredited UK lab. The whole process from opening the package to popping it in the envelope ready for a trip to the post office was under 10 minutes! Just for the record, if no actual reactions are found then YorkTest provide a money back guarantee.

Within 3 days I had received an email to say that my results had been received at the lab and that my results would be sent within 10 days. There was also contact information in case of any queries which I thought only added to the efficiency and ease of the process. I received an email 2 days later to confirm that my results had been dispatched (as you can imagine, I was pretty intrigued to get the results and stalked the postman a little for a few days)

The results:

“They’ve arrived”! And then the results arrived. A silver envelope encasing a full Food & drink intolerance personal guide programme folder featuring a results guidebook, personal intolerance ID card, 12 week food diary including help and advice about nutrition and optimising your diet AND most importantly my personal colour coded results sheet!


Egg white
Cows Milk
Egg Yolk

Borderline Reaction Foods:

Rooibox (Redbush tea)

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the whole package despite being quite shocked by my results. I should have done this years ago! I typically expected gluten, NOT cows milk…..and to find out that EGGS might be an issue……well that has rocked my world since I eat eggs 3-4 times a week.

Expert aftercare is provided by BANT-registered Nutritional Therapist who provide guidance on an individual’s “food fingerprint” – advising on nutritional optimisation and how to safely remove ingredients, whilst ensuring a healthy balanced diet. I booked my phone consultation straight away so make sure you check back next week for an update. Let the egg boycott commence 😉

A little more about YorkTest – helping you identify your personal food fingerprint.

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YorkTest Laboratories have over 30 years of excellence in laboratory diagnostic testing, and are Europe’s leading provider of food and drink specific IgG antibody testing programmes.
The expert team at YorkTest are passionate about offering health screening services that can support wellbeing, underpinned by the principle that each person’s digestive sensitivities are as unique as their DNA. Endorsed by medical professionals, such as GP Dr Hilary Jones  and elite sports players, YorkTest use a proven scientific method to help pinpoint food triggers that may be affecting an individual’s health and lifestyle.
Three out of four people who took a YorkTest and tested positive for IgG reactions, reported an improvement in wellbeing after embarking upon their elimination diet, and for 68% this was within three weeks*.
Dr Gill Hart, Scientific Director at YorkTest, is a leading UK bio scientist and a media-friendly expert on food intolerance. She is a credible and respected authority on a range of related issues including use of diagnostic testing, biochemistry of satiety, appetite and weight loss, IBS and digestive health, nutrition and mental health, fertility, diabetes testing, inflammatory markers and vitamin D.
Dr Hart is available for interview/commentary upon request. Case studies of YorkTest customers are also available.
Keep updated on YorkTest via the website which includes blog posts about food intolerance issues, key trigger foods and diet management advice. Follow YorkTest via Facebook, Twitter andInstagram (@yorktest_uk).
*Hardman and Hart, Nutrition and Food Science (2007)

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