August 2015 Update


06 August 2015

August featured product & superfood brand Inspiral & their new Kale-os

Fabulous Lifeboxers,

I hope you are all well & having an incredible summer so far….we are still keeping our fingers crossed that some more incredible weather is lurking around the corner before Autumn hits us!

This August you might have had the pleasure of being able to try a brand new offering from one of the health food market’s leading innovators – we have been lucky enough to feature their brand new Kale-os in our August boxes and damn they are good. So good in fact that we will be sampling them at Big Feastival this August Bank Holiday Weekend as well as Inspiral being one of our brand partners across the weekend.


We set our gorgeous intern the incredibly horrid & tedious task of trying all 3 of the brand new flavours and here are her findings…


Healthy eating is hard but healthy snacking when you’re on the go is even harder. I, like most people today, am trying to alter my diet to achieve the best possible version of myself and so when I read words like ‘100% natural’, ‘raw’, ‘organic’, ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten free’, I am automatically drawn to them. Sometimes products of this nature taste sensational, and other times I’m disappointed. I am in the habit of eating something because of its health benefits rather than because I actually enjoy it, so when I started interning at LifeBox I was desperate to find products that would fulfil my desire to eat well yet still be thoroughly enjoyable and taste sensational.
This month I was given the challenge of trialling Inspiral’s new product of Kale-O’s kale crisps. These crisps are 100% natural, raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, paleo and non-GMO plant ingredients so I was eager to rip into them and give them a try.
Now normally I’m cautious with kale crisps as often I have found a nutty taste which is a little over-powering but with Kale-O’s this was no problem. The crisps themselves are delicious, a revolution in snacking! They come in three truly unique flavours which all taste pretty darn spectacular! Firstly, Tomato & Basil Pizza, with their umami tomato flavour and hints of a cheesy taste you honestly do feel like you are eating a pizza! The Sweet Chilli & Mint, with a pinch of Cayenne chilli and notes of fresh mint, really provides you with an exclusive fusion of tastes! And lastly, and I have to say my personal favourite, Celtic Sea Salt & Lime with its pleasant zing and moreish taste! With their low calories and overload of vitamins A, B12 and C you really can’t go wrong with this new snacking product and it is safe to say they may change your life 🙂 To maintain kale’s natural nutritional value they are air dried at a low intensity giving you yet another reason to give the Kale-O’s a whirl!
With Kale-O’s I have to say I think I have found the type of products I have been looking for! They are the ultimate healthy alternative to the deep-fried potato! I no longer have to dread my mid-morning hunger pains, and the panic of what to eat when out and about!



So there you have it you little beauties, Becca sounds like she’s 100% sold. Give them a go and start polishing that healthy halo 😉

Loads of love & healthiest regards
Jen, Becca & the LB Crew

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