Lawrence teaching HIIT

Lawrence Price HIIT workout

An ex-international rugby player, Lawrence has a long history with sports conditioning at an elite level. For the past 10 years as a personal trainer he has coached Hollywood actors for film roles, held workshops with military special forces, trained record breaking expeditionists to row across oceans and coached thousands of personal training hours with his regular clients… all whilst curating his light hearted fitness blog & Instagram account.

Lawrence’s workout

Sometimes you are short of time, short of equipment and frankly just need to get the job done effectively and fast… for such moments here is my workout utilising just 4 key movements. Repeat for 5 rounds – it should only take you 15 minutes in total but boy will it ‘HIIT’ the spot!

1. Press up T rotate

2: Mountain climbers

3: Knees to standing (one side at a time)

4: Plyo squat jumps

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