Introducing our Veganuary Box

We are delighted to give you a sneak peek of our ever popular Veganuary Lifebox!

Before you find out what goodies we’ve crammed into our favourite veganuary box – a little reminder below of what Lifebox is all about 💚

👋 Hi, I’m Alicia and I’m the Owner of Lifebox. We’re a small independent team that works hard to make a difference! Each product we put into our boxes are carefully selected so that our customers can explore new healthy treats, get some much needed variety, and discover what is on offer from the most innovative small & established businesses in food & drink! Our customers love unboxing their box full of surprises, and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

  • 🌱 Always 100% Vegan.
  • 🌾 Free From Gluten.
  • ♀️ Woman Owned.
  • 💚 Nutritionist Approved.
  • 💰 Save Money Off RRP.
  • 🍴 Supports Small Businesses.
  • 🎁 Handmade With Love.
Discover what’s in the box…
  • Better You VLux Vitamin D Spray RRP £12.95 – Did you know that everyone that lives in the Northern Hemisphere is recommended to take a Vitamin D supplement from October to March due to the lack of sunlight? Better You provide a smart and convenient solution to make sure you’re getting enough Vit D during these darker days of Winter. We recommend taking a few sprays under the tongue every day and enjoying the minty flavour!
  • Choclit Oat Milk Chocolate RRP £1.99 – Made from only 4 ingredients. Choclit is perfect for those wanting a lighter more delicate chocolate, but making sure it’s vegan and gluten-free. Choclit also comes in 4 different flavour to satisfy all cravings!
  • Spoon Granola RRP £1.99 – Spoon doesn’t really need any introductions, they’ve been paving the way for nourishing and delicious gluten-free granola for years! We are delighted to be featuring their mini boxes – perfect for on the go breakfasts. Try it in an extra special banana bread recipe that you’ll find in the booklet
  • Vibe Prebiotic Soda RRP £3.50 – Vibe is brand new on the scene and has combined delicious naturally flavoured soda with 8g of gut loving fibre and prebiotics in every can, helping to to support a healthy gut microbiome.=
  • Heaped Coffee RRP £1 – Heaped coffee bags are bringing a sustainable edge to an other very un-eco-friendly market that often contains lots of plastic that can’t be recycled (Nespresso pods we’re looking at you). Heaped provides a way to have good coffee but without the excess waste, on the go!
  • Hux Health Superfood Sachet RRP £2 – I think we’re all looking for a bit of a health kick after the festive period and Hux is bringing this in abundance. This superfood sachet contains a plant-power blend of organic proteins and vitamins to give you a daily edge. We love ours mixed with water and a dash of plant-based milk or added into smoothies. 
  • Podium Finish Lozenges – RRP £5.50 – On that note, Podium Finish is also bringing some much needed energy. These patented lozenges contain a powerful blend of Ashwagandha (an amazing adaptogenic herb that acts as a nervine tonic) and a subtle dose of caffeine to help you stay focused and powering through busy work days. 
  • Mister Freed Tortilla Chips RRP £2.99 – Made with finest corn and natural flavourings, Mister Freed are both addictive and delicious! These chips are made with beetroot and onion and work particularly well with humous. 
  • Love Corn Cheeze & Onion RRP £1 – A classic flavour combo but make it vegan! Crunchy and savoury, these make for the perfect on the go snack. 
  • Boundless Activated Crisps RRP £1.50 – Boundless have created the first activated crisps on the market. Activating means soaking grains to help make them easier to digest and assimilate the nutrients. These crisps are wonderfully tasty but pack a nutritious hit too. Win Win.
  • Bumblezest Shots RRP £2 – Don’t be fooled, these small shots pack a flavour and nutrient punch! Enjoy on a morning when you need a bit of a pep!
  • Linwoods FlaxseedRRP £4 – packed with omega 3 essential fatty acids, flaxseed is a really versatile and easy way of making sure you’re getting enough. Sprinkle them over your granola, add to smoothies or even use as a replacement for egg – flax can do it all 🙂

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