Introducing our September Lifebox!

We are absolutely delighted to introduce our first Autumn box & it’s a goodie!

What’s in the box?
  • Rhythm 108 Chocolate – a huge slab of creamy & delicious choccy, to see you through some cosy evenings as the weather changes! Made with the finest Swiss dark chocolate, it’s packed with antioxidants & flavour!
  • Kookie Cat Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cookie – yes you read that right! Authentically made, with the highest quality ingredients and tons of love – Kookie Cat cooks reinvent vegan awesomeness.
  • Growers Garden Broccoli Crisps – made from the freshest broccoli, contains no artificial colours or flavours. Give these a try, we’re addicted! Plus getting one of our 5 a day in!
  • Sweet Lounge Blue Raspberry Bottles – sometimes you just need a sweet treat & sweet lounge is here to help! Specialising in vegan confectionary, they are masters of their craft. Plus all their packaging is plastic-free! 
  • KetoKeto Cherry Bakewell Bar – contains less than 3g net carbs, high in good fats to support ketosis and to help fight sugar cravings. These bars are the perfect post-workout snack – goodbye hunger pangs!
  • Sea Arch Rose & T – this amazing Cornish brand distills in a traditional way, but removes the alcohol from the gin – creating an authentic taste, with none of the alcohol (or hangover effects)! Try the mocktail recipe in the booklet!
  • Purely Plantain Chips – these guys need no introduction. Salty, sweet plantain chips make a brilliant on the go snack – or try them with guacamole as an alternative to tortilla chips. Delish!
  • Well&Truly Oat Milk Chocolate – made with gluten-free oat milk, this brand new choccy on the market is rich and flavourful. We are hooked!
  • Creemi Salted Caramel Chocolate – don’t say we don’t treat you! This amazing milk chocolate is made from a super special ingredient – the chickpea! You have to trust them on this, it makes the chocolate super creemi! 
  • Blanco Nino Chilli & Lime Tortilla Chips – an ode to Mexico. Made from the finest corn & made using traditional methods, Blanco Nino is at the top of the tortilla range. Naturally flavoured, with a hit of chilli and tang of lime. Plus recyclable packaging!
  • Catalyse Seltzers – we are here for vitamin infused seltzers and Catalyse is leading the way. Containing a mix of essential vitamins & minerals, Catalyse has a range of 4 x seltzers that are all based on different Ayurvedic principles. Refreshing and invigorating. 
  • Conscious Orange & Tangerine Chocolate – made from raw cacao and unrefined to retain maximum nutrients, conscious is dark & refined. We love it in their raw chocolate tart recipe that you can find in the booklet. 
  • Lexis Double Chocolate Protein Bar – high in protein, low calories and free from all allergens! These delectable bars are the perfect on the go snack or post-workout treat! 

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