Introducing our October Lifebox

What’s in the box?
  • Nicks Nut Bar – This iconic pink Swedish brand is taking the UK markets by storm. Their sweet & tasty vegan nut bar combines almonds but without any added sugar. Suitable for those following the keto diet & those looking for a delicious on the go treat!
  • Vita Coco Coconut Water – Vita Coco really needs no introduction. This amazing brand has led the coconut water game since the beginning. Their range now consists of pure coconut water, cloud and choc! It’s lucky dip this month about which you get to try!
  • Tyme Trail Mix – TYME is a new tool built and radically designed to help you eat better during your working week, slotting effortlessly into your daily routine. In this months box you get to try one of their delicious pick me up snacks – their Pecan or Chocolate Trail Mix that is a little taster of the kind of quality and deliciousness you could expect when you sign up to TYME!
  • Get Nourished Gummies – Get Nourished have added fresh life into the supplement industry with their patented 3D printing technology. Their new Plant Power Gummie is made specifically for those following a vegan diet and contains a blend of Vitamin D, B12, Iron and Zinc – amongst other nutrients that are beneficial to plant based folk!
  • Virtue Orange Clean Energy – a brand new flavour from one of our favourite drinks brands. It contains zero sugar & zero calories, but instead certified with B vitamins and sweetened with stevia. To give you all the buzz, but none of the baddies!
  • Nudie Cauliflower Crisps – trust us? It might sound weird but these cauliflower crisps are next level. They are savoury and pack a flavour punch. What’s not to love? 
  • Xite Nootropic Bar – A snack bar with a nootropic edge? Yes please! These amazing bars contains Lions Mane for cognitive health, Ginseng that is anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants and Zinc for brain tubulin growth. All packaged into a deliciously satisfying bar! 
  • Pea Pops – We’re very excited to introduce Pea Pops which are made from Chickpeas. They are award winning crisps that are packed with plant protein, full of fibre and contain less than 60% less fat than fried crisps.
  • Yumello Smooth Almond Butter – Yumello are nut butter masters and we’re so excited to say that a full jar of their Smooth Almond Butter can be found in every box. Try it in smoothies, on toast or even added to a curry for a rich, creamy flavour. We are also addicted to the chocolate truffle recipe that you’ll find in the booklet!
  • The Savourists Crunchits – brand new to the market, The Savourists Crunchits combine toasted edamame, black beans and puffed rice all bundled together and coated with your favourite seasonings. High protein, contains under 100 calories per bag, low sugar but NOT low in flavour! We’re hooked!

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