Introducing our marvellous March Lifebox!

We are delighted to introduce our March box, filled with wholesome treats & goodies to help you feel your best as we progress into the New Year!  

Our March Box is made with love, just in time for Mothers Day 🌟In the box, you’ll find the following treats: Bubbl & Co  – Bubbls with benefits. The worlds most functional effervescent tablets packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, adaptogens & botanicals to support quality sleep, focus, relaxation & immunity.  – Dressini Beetroot & Garlic Tahini Dressing – a deliciously creamy dressing that tastes good on just about everything! Packed with minerals to support a healthy plant-based diet.  – Raw & Wild Pili Nuts – grown in the Phillippines, these wonderful and lesser known nuts are rich in minerals, vitamin E and Omega 9 fatty acids.  Unrefined Bakery Chocolate Brownie Bar – a Lifebox favourite that has just gone through a rebrand. Always plant-based, gluten-free but you would never know from our gooey and delicious these bars are! – Cheeky Ps Chickpeas – bringing new life to the humble chickpea. A fibre rich snack that tastes great & will make your tastebuds sing! – Well & Truly BBQ – these healthy & delightful snacks need no introduction. Taste incredible and are a great alternative to crisps or savoury snacks! – Willys ACV Apple Kombucha – made with apples from Willys 300 year old orchard, fermented with beneficial gut bacteria and ACV with the mother. This is gut goodness in a can! Try out the Elderflower Apple Shrub Mocktail recipe in the booklet.  – Bounce Ball Maple Pecan Cashew – packed with plant-protein and delicious crunchy nuts. This is the perfect post-workout snack!  – Joe’s Tea Feisty Turmeric – a spicy blend of turmeric, ginger and lemongrass! Wholesome and comforting! – Simply Roasted Salt & Vinegar Crisps – low fat crisps, that are crunchy and give you all the fun – less of the fat and calories.  –Hippeas Sweet & Smokin Puffs – a Lifebox favourite! Savoury & sumptuous.    Treat the special person in your life this Mothers Day! Always made with love & care ❤️️

Lots of love, Alicia xx

Owner & Curator. Dip-Nut, mBANT, CNHC.

To get your hands on this incredible box worth over £40, click the link at the top! 

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