Introducing our incredible June Lifebox – Hello Summer!

❤️️ Hello to our amazing June Lifebox worth over £40 ❤️️

Welcome to your Lifebox!

When Spring becomes Summer…

For our first Summer box, we have selected amazing brands that will support your health & wellbeing during the warm weather. Stay hydrated with Nix & Kix. Keep your blood sugar stable during a picnic with Chikas, Unrefined and Mister Freed.

Cook up a storm using seasonal ingredients with Spice Pots!

Enjoy a naturally sweet treat with N’eat,Prodigy, My Sweet Chickpea & Coco Collab!

Feel good inside & out with our Mint On Demand 100% natural shampoo bar and support overall health with one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet – Doctor Seaweed.

We hope you love you box! 

Lots of love, Alicia


PS.WIN: Tag us in your unboxing stories or pics & be in with your chance of winning a 3-month subscription!

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