Introducing our incredible July Lifebox – Summer 2021!

❤️️ Hello to our amazing July Lifebox worth over £40 ❤️️

Welcome to your Lifebox!

Summer is in full swing – socialising and staycations are the name of the game!

As the temperature increases, it can have an impact on our sleep – with lots of people struggling to get good quality sleep during the hotter summer months. Cue that yearly regret of not having prepared for this earlier!

But Lifebox is here to save the day, you’ll find the incredible Neubria Drift Supplement worth £19.99 in this month’s box. The perfect remedy to those stifling nights, a relaxing blend of magnesium, lemon balm, hops and Tryptophan! 

You’ll also find a host of refreshing & delicious goodies that are perfect to pack into your picnic basket – Something & Nothing Seltzer’s, Loro Plantain Crisps, Perkier, Hippeas, Shore Seaweed & Jacked!

Cosy your way to a good night sleep with a nourishing cup of Vahdam and a bite of Kyoot, Freeist or Bodyhero! Had a good sleep? Wake up the next day to a hearty breakfast topped with Fearne & Rosie Jam! We hope you love your box!

Lots of love, Alicia xx

We hope you love you box! 

Lots of love, Alicia


PS.WIN: Tag us in your unboxing stories or pics & be in with your chance of winning a 3-month subscription!

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