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❤️️ Hello to our amazing October box worth over £50❤️️

Welcome to your Lifebox!

Welcome to your Lifebox. Every month you will find a different and exciting array of sweet & savoury snacks, drinks and lifestyle products that will surprise & delight you.

Each of our boxes is carefully curated to suit your nutritional needs as the year, moods & weather around us changes!

Expect to see nourishing goodies in Autumn and Winter when our body & immune system needs more TLC, and hydrating treats in Spring/Summer when the sun is shining and we’re on the go.

In this months box, find the amazing Alflorex Probiotics worth £25 for a 30 day pack alone – one of the worlds leading probiotics that helps to improve digestion and promote a healthy gut flora.

You will also find a NAH Sachet, full of deliciously tart montmorency cherries. I love my sachet squeezed into sparkling water – tart cherry is one of the only natural food sources of melatonin – our sleep hormone… so have this before bed for a great nights sleep. It’s also rich in antioxidant and vitamins – bliss!

We’ve included Neubria Nootropics to help you concentrate & smash your way through the working week, have this with a handful of Paz Nuts to help you get your intake of good fats!

To get your hands on this incredible box worth over £50, click the link at the top! 

Hope you love it, 

Alicia x


PS.WIN: Tag us in your unboxing stories or pics & be in with your chance of winning a 3-month subscription!

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