How in touch are you with your gut?

Did you know that a multitude of stomach and health problems can be linked to the balance of flora in your digestive system?

If you’re ready to try something which truly works, then Symprove may just be the game-changing healthy snack you’ve been searching for.

Non-dairy, live activated bacteria, Symprove (known as Golden Nectar in our office!) is a 70ml shot of yellow liquid which is to be drunk first thing in the morning before food, and is designed to reset the bacteria in your intestinal tract.

Unlike other probiotics, it has been proven to reach the intestines and colonise there, if taken for the full 12 weeks. The bacteria in Symprove are water based and naturally occurring, with the only additional ingredients being vitamin C, sorbate and trisodium citrate, which are all found in natural everyday food.

Symprove will arrive the very next day after ordering and there are various options for buying, but we strongly recommend the 12 Week Programme for full effect. This programme is designed to help you successfully balance the bacteria in your gut. In fact, the team over at Symprove will reward you for committing to the programme by giving you the last 4 weeks free.

Flavour-wise, it isn’t unpleasant at all. The original has a distinctive malty taste and the mango and passionfruit – their most popular flavour – is sweet without being sickly. It’s also a completely gluten free snack which is pretty much the proverbial cherry on top. Yes, it’s a vegan snack, gluten free, healthy gut inducing wonder syrup right there!

The only thing to remember is that if you are travelling somewhere warm, remember to keep your Symprove refrigerated or, if a fridge isn’t available, in a sink full of cold water.

Many IBS sufferers worldwide have alleviated their symptoms by trying Symprove – why not give it a go and see if it can change your life too?

Our founder Jen is an utter Symprove champion – here is what she has to say about our favourite “Golden Nectar”:

“I first tried Symprove after a wonderful nutritionist friend suggested it would be beneficial to help my gut during a rather prolonged period of disc prolapse back pain prior to an operation that I was scheduled to have. I was taking a horrendous concoction of anti inflammatories and pain relief to ensure that I could stay operational at work and it was playing havoc with my digestive system… bloating, constipation… you name it. After just a few days of taking Symprove in the morning (and this was back in 2014) I felt like a new woman! My bowel movements became more regular and my bloating considerably reduced… the positive effects were so great that I have continued to take Symprove regularly since that horrid time! It is also the reason that I continue to support Symprove as a brand AND why I will always recommend it to friends and Lifebox customers to try it out for themselves or purchase it as a subscription gift… it always make something so much easier to promote and shout about when you have experienced the benefits of a product first hand!  All hail Symprove.“

For more information or to kick start your gut recovery please visit Symprove here!

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