Great foods for getting lean

Reaching your fitness goals can be a tasty experience…  

There are plenty of health and fitness goals, but for many it’s getting lean. Thanks to fad diets, a lot of people think losing body fat is a miserable process and involves a lot of bland and low-calorie food. This doesn’t have to be the case! Eating plenty of greens is great, but you can be a little more creative than a plate of steamed greens. 

To lose body fat, you need to be a in a calorie deficit – meaning you expend more calories from your daily activities than you consume. Being too strict about this isn’t sustainable and its why a lot of people give up making healthier choices. Instead, eat smart: choose delicious foods that actually fuel results. 

Neat Nutrition’s new single-serve sachets are perfect for using in the kitchen, so here are some top high-protein picks from Neat to get you started. Some might contain greens, but you’ll hardly notice!

Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Good for: lower in carbs, high protein

There’s nothing bland or boring about this smoothie! A combination of banana, avocado and chocolate whey protein make this shake thick and creamy. 

Find the recipe here. 

Desk-Fast Yoghurt Jars

Good for: high protein, on-the-go, lower in carbs

If you often find yourself eating breakfast at your desk, these jars are a great way to keep things tasty while also being easy to pack in a bag. Get creative with flavour combinations and keep things interesting each morning. 

Find the recipe here.

Cinnamon Swirl Oats

Good for: high protein, post workout refuel

Carbs are not evil. Proof is in this cinnamon swirl oats bowl – perfect for a post-workout refuel and making sure your muscles are getting everything they need to repair and grow.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan, High-Protein Breakfast Jar

Good for: high protein, on-the-go, lower in carbs

A dairy-free alternative to the desk-fast yoghurt jars. This breakfast is packed with plant-based protein and still as easy to prep.

Find the recipe here. 

Low Sugar Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Good for: satisfying your sweet tooth, snacking on-the-go

Protein balls are a great on-the-go snack and a much healthier alternative to the vending machine when that post-lunch lull hits. 

Find the recipe here.

You may have met Neat Nutrition before in your Lifebox, however they’ve made some exciting changes lately that you might have missed: they now offer their great tasting protein blends via subscription! 

Neat was founded by two former GB swimmers, Lee & Charlie who wanted to make great protein powders for any lifestyle. Their ethos hasn’t changed. Their protein powders are still made with only the highest quality ingredients and nothing else. 

With Neat’s new service, you’re in control. The single-serve sachets are perfect for an on-the-go refuel, travel or snack at work. Setting up your subscription is super easy too:

  • Pick your blend: whey, vegan or a mix
  • Choose your flavours
  • Decide how often you want a delivery

Your subscription can be managed at any time through Neat’s new customer portal. You can change your blends and flavours, add multiple addresses or skip deliveries. 

If you haven’t tried Neat Nutrition’s protein powders before, their Starter Box is perfect. You can choose 4 sachets to try, and you get a free shaker to make sure that smoothie is mixed perfectly! Following the Starter Box, Neat’s ongoing plans feature 12 sachets of your choice. These plans are delivered through your letterbox – it couldn’t be simpler!

The Lifebox community can take 10% off their first two boxes using code: LIFEBOX

To find out more about Neat Nutrition, head over to or check them out on social at @neat_nutrition.

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