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In breast cancer awareness month we’d like to introduce Sarah, a young adult who unexpectedly found herself in need of support from our charity partner, Trekstock:

“In August 2017, aged 33 I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. I admit I never checked my breasts and underarms for changes; I believed I wouldn’t ever have breast cancer, especially not at my age. To be honest I didn’t realise how many different breast cancers there are; not only that, I didn’t understand cancer as a whole. I only discovered what was actually a large dense lump as my dog jumped on that area repeatedly, almost telling me to check my breast. Although my cancer was aggressive, I caught it early and it was treatable. I was fit and healthy, but since my diagnosis I have learned to really take care; not just physically but also mentally. During seven months of chemotherapy, followed by surgery and five weeks of radiotherapy I experienced some of the worst days of my life, but I learned the incredible importance of self-care and love. Cancer may have shaken my world, however it awakened me to what really matters in this life.

“I also decided to follow a plant-based lifestyle through chemo, I gave myself so much nutrient goodness. I decided to take back control at a time when cancer felt like it was taking control of me. I fell in love with cooking and nutrition all over again and I felt empowered because I knew that no matter what, I was giving my body the best, I wanted to help my immune system that was taking such a beating from the treatment. Taking control through this time is so very important and aids your physical and mental strength. I needed to create a positive environment to protect myself.

“Trekstock to me were like a comfort blanket. There will be times when you are sat alone at home feeling isolated from the world and confused about what to do, asking yourself time after time, “is it normal to feel this way?” and this is where Trekstock come in. Being diagnosed with breast cancer in my 30’s came at a point when I thought I had my life worked out; I was planning marriage and children, a great career was in full force. But cancer stormed in and started to attack not just my body but my dreams too. The Trekstock community remind you that you aren’t alone, and because they focus on young adults in their 20’s and 30’s their support is tailor made so to speak. One conversation with the guys at Trekstock and I feel instantly lifted and most importantly, I don’t feel alone. I’m reassured that how I am feeling is all very OK. They understand and understanding is key to working your way through this journey, not just through active cancer treatment but after too, when you begin to rebuild your new normal.

“If you are reading this and you don’t check your breasts and under arm area, please do. Check once a month, get to know your body and be proud of it, learn it and if at all you ever feel something isn’t quite right get in touch with your doctor. Take control, your body is the most important machine you will ever operate.”

Every Lifebox sold helps us to support Trekstock

Trekstock is a UK charity that supports young adults living with cancer. Living with cancer in your 20s and 30s is a lonely experience. Trekstock believes that no young adult should face cancer alone. By providing social and practical support right across the UK, they aim to tackle social isolation, improve quality of life and provide young adults with the tools they need to get moving again after cancer.

Every day in the UK over 34 young adults are diagnosed with cancer. With over 12,000 young adults in their 20s and 30s diagnosed each year, the money we donate from each box sale will help Trekstock provide much needed support to get young adults moving again after cancer and improve their quality of life. We have chosen Trekstock to be our charity partner until 2020 and with your help, we want to make sure no young adult has to face cancer alone.

To find out more, visit www.trekstock.com or one of the following:

Facebook: /trekstock
Twitter: @trekstock
Instagram: @trekstock

Registered charity number 1132421

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