Feed the craving without misbehaving

Our March Energy boxes include a delicious cacao & orange cookie from Wholey Moly; we caught up with them to find out a little more about the company and how they make their amazing cookies:

The idea for Wholey Moly came from our frustration at working in a corporate office where the 3pm energy slump is greeted with endless sugary short-term fixes that pick you up, then drop you back to zero an hour later, we still wanted that sweet treat, but why couldn’t it also be good for us?

When we looked in the market for alternative healthy snacks all we found were sugary snacks claiming to be healthy that actually aren’t that good for you.

So we decided to make our own nut and honey bars at home to take to work, work colleagues started asking what we were bringing in and after trying it asked for more themselves, it eventually evolved into a flapjack and then a cookie, and demand at both our workplaces were growing, at which point we had a light bulb moment –if there’s nothing in the market satisfying this problem and people are demanding it why don’t we turn this into a business and so Wholey Moly was born.

About Wholey Moly

At Wholey Moly we are on a mission to prove healthy doesn’t have to be boring, we do this by making healthy cookies which are made from 100% natural ingredients which have all the taste, loaded with nutrition but without any of the junk.

It wasn’t easy to create, we ripped up the baking manual and started from scratch, you won’t find any of the usual suspects in our cookies…no butter, refined sugars, empty calories or guilt, just honestly good cookies.

This means our cookies are vegan friendly and packed with nutrition. They are high in fibre, have as little as 5g of sugar which is 50% less than your average healthy snack bar and a source of protein. Plus the cookies are made from superfoods such as cacao, coconut oil, hemp, seeds and nuts, loading the cookies with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants.

All that aside, who can forget how delicious they taste!

It’s the the perfect 3pm pick me up to help you feed the craving without misbehaving!

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