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If you are a blogger looking to collaborate with Lifebox, please would you include in your message a link to your blog and social media accounts, an indication of your reach across different social media platforms and a summary of your offer to Lifebox and what you would want from us in return.

Please be aware that we receive a large number of collaboration requests and sadly we are unable to respond to each one individually. We really appreciate your interest in working with Lifebox, however we will only respond if we feel that a collaboration would be mutually beneficial.

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Supporting Treckstock

15p from each box is donated to Trekstock!

There are more than 100,000 young adults living with cancer in the UK today. They lack support because little is known about the challenges they face and few services are dedicated to them.

Trekstock is committed to understanding and supporting their needs, so that no young adult has to face cancer alone.

Find out more…

Our Current Featured Partners

  • Drink Maple

    Pure Maple Water

    DRINKmaple is the pure, refreshing water collected from Vermont maple trees in the spring. It is naturally hydrating, with just a hint of maple, and exploding with nutrients

    Find out more about Drink Maple:
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  • Alchemy Organic Superblends

    Visit our gorgeous Alchemist friends:

    Formulated by expert nutritionist, Karen Newby, BSc Nutritional Medicine. Alchemy blends are tailor-made for a range of priorities. Your body is finely balanced and requires the right nutrients to support your diet and lifestyle. Whether it is muscle repair, energy levels, skin nourishment or digestive health, the answer can be found in plant-based nutrients.

    “As a nutritional therapist I very much agree that food can indeed be your medicine and medicine be your food. I wanted to create a set of blended superfood powders for certain health needs; nutritional therapy in a pouch. By using organic powders from my favourite nutrient dense plants and combining them with vegan plant protein, I’ve create 4 blends to help common problems I often see in my practice such as fatigue and weight gain round the middle. They work naturopathically with your body – the Energy Elixir for example doesn’t have guarana in it (a natural stimulant, but a stimulant nonetheless), instead it contains a rich source of vitamin C, iron and B vitamins all known to help improve metabolism along with maca that helps resilience to stress. Sports nutrition is also important to me – so many of the athletes I work with are using too much sugar and whey to power themselves. The Sport Elixir is designed to be alkalising, with plant protein and super leaves to improve resilience and recovery that ultimately helps optimise your performance. I hope that you enjoy them and experience the transformation.”

    Find out more about Alchemy Organic Superblends:
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