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Featuring a balanced variety of “man” products specially selected to appeal to the every day active man in his quest for supreme health and manliness.


Men’s Health Subscription

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What's in the box?

March Menu

100% Natural man fuel for your workouts & nourishment for your preparation and recovery.

1 x Rude Health Mini Almond Drink

Creamy crushed almond is blended smoothly with rice, pure mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Rice brings its own natural silky sweetness – so you won’t miss the usual thickeners, syrups or added sugars. It’s a naturally nutty almond milk. (O,GF,ASF,V,VE,SF,WF,DF)

Featured Product of the Month: 1 x Linwoods Flaxseed Sachet

One of nature’s richest plant sources of omega 3 – can support digestion and normal functioning of the immune system – try adding to salads, smoothies, yogurt or granola (R,VE,V,DF,O,WF,GF, ASF, SF)

1 x Willy Chase’s Mini Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle

This “ulitmate” Apple Cider Vinegar is a labour of love. Organic apples from 300 year old orchards are gently pressed allowing them to naturally ferment to make a gorgeous unfiltered cider. This cider is then left and with the help of some fresh Herefordshire air, to work its magic it naturally turs into vinegar. This natural transformation also creates ‘The Mother’, a good friendly bacteria which makes the vinegar cloudy and ‘cobwebby’. And that’s it. The best apples, organically grown. No fertilisers or pesticides. Nothing added, nothing removed – 100% natural and bursting with goodness.
Internal Benefits: 1)Rich in enzymes & potassium 2) Support a healthy immune system 3) Helps remove body sugar toxins 4) Helps soothe dry throats 5) Promotes digestion & ph Balance 6) Helps control weight
External Benefits: 1) Relieves muscle pain from exercise 2) Soothes irritated skin 3) Helps promote youthful, healthy body 4) Helps maintain healthy skin
And, it’s The Mother which proudly boasts the health benefits that we are so excited about. You can discover just some of the health benefits at
Recommended serve: It’s delicious in a salad dressing. It works famously with eggs. Pop it in your smoothie or dilute with some water and a drizzle of honey.

1 x Willy Chase’s Mini ACV Fitcorn

Made using the mother of all natural remedies Cider Vinegar. Discover more at Fit Corn is air popped (not fried), gluten free and seasoned with my favourite ingredients and superfoods. (GF,VE,V,DF,WF,NF,ASF,SF)

1 x Blondilox porridge sachet Vanilla & Cinnamon Protein Blend

Blondilox was born out of founder Laura Kate Thompson’s personal health journey after battling an eating disorder and other health issues. Through her passion for health foods, breakfast and healthy snacking she started Blondilox….porridge and superfood blends with a base of the fabulous wonder food that is gluten free oats. Oats are rich in dietary fibre specifically beta-glucan which has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. (GF,WF,V,VE,ASF,SF,R)

1 x Battle Oats White Chocolate Coconut

Gluten free and made with real butter & coconut oil. High protein (22% per bar), high fibre and provides a sustained release of energy. (VE,GF,WF,ASF,SF)

1 x Emily Crisps Veg Crisps

Full of fibre and protein and packed with vitamins and nutrients, these are the perfect alternative to that crunch you get from crisps! (GF,V,VE,DF,WF,SF,ASF,NF,P)

1 x FitBites Apricot Spirulina Balls

Sulphur free apricots combined with the awesomeness of the mighty green spirulina & coconut. This is a really fresh tasting favourite for vegans. Fitbites believe that healthy clean eating should be simple. These nutritious balls of energy are quite literally the perfect all round healthy clean snack. FitBites can be enjoyed as a healthy snack between meals, on the go, or as quick burst of energy before or after a workout. Kids love our healthy balls too!

1 x GB Chew Bar Coconut Maca Brownie

COCONUT is high in the mineral manganese, which can help your body metabolise fat and protein more efficiently, encouraging weight loss. It’s also very rich in dietary fibre, potassium and copper. Plus, the high levels of saturated fatty acids can contribute to connecting tissue strength so you look and feel stronger. MACA ROOT (not as in Macadamia nut as one might imagine) comes from a root, the Incas used it for stamina. Potent in B-Vitamins, it’s also a great source of Vitamins C and E. It is renowned in some cultures for its hormone balancing benefits, especially in menopausal women helping to improve fertility and boost sexual function too! 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS (O,R,GF,WF,DF,V,VE,NF,P,ASF,SF)

1 x InnerMost Protein Sachet

Innermost uniquely tailored, balanced formulations are crafted by nutritionists using protein, superfoods, sirtfoods and nutritious ingredients backed by science to meet different lifestyle goals. Everything is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, responsibly sourced, low-sugar and GMO-free with no trace of artificial flavours or colours. (V,R,ASF,SF,NF,GFWF)

1 x Mighty Bee Vegan Jerky Teryaki

This vegan jerky is made with stunning organic raw coconut meat…just wait till you try it!!(O,R,V,VE,DF,WF,GF,ASF)

1 x Nut Blend “Protein” Chocolate Nut Butter

All you need is a spoon. Protein contains hulled hemp seeds and hemp protein powder – both natural, plant-based vegan protein sources – to give it a slightly earthy flavour and an extra boost of protein – but with the balance of natural sweetness, it’s very moreish! (V,VE,R,WF,GF,DF,ASF,SF)

1 x Spare Fruit Apple

Spare Fruit rescue fresh Kentish apples and pears and gently slice them whole (not wasting a pip), and slowly air-dry (never fry) them into subtly sweet and crunchy slices of natural fruity goodness.
100% fruit with absolutely nothing added.
Enjoy as a healthy snack any time, or add to cereal, salads or cheese for some extra fruity crunch!

1 x Spiced Nutrition Metabolic Charge Herb & Spice Blend

Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper (Ground), Coriander Leaves (Dried), Rosemary (Dried), Ginger (Ground). Intense workout session? Want to recover faster and to continue achieving your fitness and health goals? Metabolic Charge provides fully natural source of Vitamin C and Iron, minerals which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

1 x THK Protein Cookie

The healthy protein cookie simply made using prunes, almonds, desiccated coconut, brazil nuts, 85% cocoa organic dark chocolate, casein protein powder, raw coconut oil. (V,WF,GF,ASF,SF)

2 x We are Tea Moroccan Mint & Earl Grey (USE ME: brew, feet up and enjoy)

Earl Grey: A true gentleman. A blend of the finest whole-leaf black teas scented with oil of bergamot and sprinkled with cornflowers to make it as beautiful on the eye as it is on the palate. The leaf is large and well blended showing plenty of tip and offers a light, bright infusion with the distinctive aroma and flavour of citrus bergamot. Moroccan Mint: Marrakech in a cup. With a perfect balance of green tea and peppermint leaf, this exceptional blend of Moroccan Mint tea is refreshing, reviving and inspiring. Like all great double acts, it is impossible to tire of this wonderful combination. The hint of mint cools the palate while the green tea warms the soul. This is superb either hot or over ice. (DF,GF,WF,ASF,SF,V,VE )

1 x Your Superfoods Energy Sachet

The Energy Bomb is the healthiest and most delicious source of antioxidants (ORAC 16500 umol TE) and natural caffeine (39mg/5mg) that will help you focus and boost your energy for 6-8 hours. The mix is also high in vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Zinc, which support metabolism, neurotransmission, cognitive function and reduce tiredness and fatigue.100% plantbased(R,O,V,VE,GF,WF,DF,SF,ASF,NF)

What is a Superfood?

A food that offers superior nutritional value for the amount of calories it contains.

Allergen & Dietary Key:

VE = Vegan
V = Vegetarian
WF = Wheat free
GF = Gluten free
DF = Dairy free
SF = Soy free
ASF = Added sugar free
O = Organic
R = Raw
NF = Nut Free
P = Paleo