Lifebox Corporate Care Package


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    Lifebox – The lovingly curated collection of surprise healthy snacks, drinks and wellness products for daily energy, vitality & healthy digestion.

    • Please enter the code provided by your employer, and enter your business email address during checkout to ensure you receive the box for free!
    • This exciting snack, drinks and wellness box is curated by our in-house nutritionist to give you some much needed joy and variety in your “snacking” calender as the weather closes in and so do our social restrictions.
    • All products are vegan friendly and free from ingredients containing gluten or dairy.
    • This is a special corporate care package to be used in conjunction with the code provided by your colleagues.
    • The product images are indications – the actual contents box you receive will be a (very pleasant) surprise!!
    • Please note: We sometimes notice that Corporate Email systems send our order confirmation emails to spam/junk, although this shouldn’t affect you as there is nothing needed on your end!

    Check out the rest of our website for more information on Lifebox and what we do!




    Our Customers love their monthly surprise

    “I love it when my box of treats arrives at my door every month! I’m always discovering new products and trying new things, it’s like a monthly trip to whole foods without the hassle.”
    Sarah K