Junior Subscription (for kids!)


For children Age 3+: featuring a balanced variety of nutritious, wholesome and delicious clean eats to appeal to younguns and promote healthier food choices from an early age.


Junior Subscription (for kids!)

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What's in the box?

February Menu

Featured Product of the Month: 1 x Linwoods Flaxseed Sachet

One of nature’s richest plant sources of omega 3 – can support digestion and normal functioning of the immune system – try adding to salads, smoothies, yogurt or granola (R,VE,V,DF,O,WF,GF, ASF, SF)

1 x Willy Chase’s Mini ACV Fitcorn

Made using the mother of all natural remedies Cider Vinegar. Discover more at willychases.co.uk Fit Corn is air popped (not fried), gluten free and seasoned with my favourite ingredients and superfoods. (GF,VE,V,DF,WF,NF,ASF,SF)

1 x Spare Fruit Pear

Spare Fruit rescue fresh Kentish apples and pears and gently slice them whole (not wasting a pip), and slowly air-dry (never fry) them into subtly sweet and crunchy slices of natural fruity goodness.
100% fruit with absolutely nothing added.
Enjoy as a healthy snack any time, or add to cereal, salads or cheese for some extra fruity crunch!

1 x Mini Emily Fruit Crisps

All natural whole fruit crisps – no guilt just love! (ASF,GF,WF,DF,V,VE)

1 x Blondilox porridge sachet Cacao & Chia

Blondilox was born out of founder Laura Kate Thompson’s personal health journey after battling an eating disorder and other health issues. Through her passion for health foods, breakfast and healthy snacking she started Blondilox….porridge and superfood blends with a base of the fabulous wonder food that is gluten free oats. Oats are rich in dietary fibre specifically beta-glucan which has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. (GF,WF,V,VE,ASF,SF,R)

1 x GB Chew Bar Almond Baobab

A rich fudgy sensation, with an almond, cocoa crunch and the unique caramel flavour of the baobab powder.
Energy Boost
Rich indulgence
Rich in antioxidants
BAOBAB is a 100% natural and organic African superfruit, a rich source of Vitamin C, fibre and has more antioxidants that any fruit, supporting immune function, energy release and skin health. ALMONDS are packed with protein (13%), and an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, and fibre. Almonds are filled with minerals such as magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, and also B vitamins. (O,R,GF,WF,DF,V,VE,NF,P,ASF,SF)

1 x Googly Fruit Strawbs

These tasty Googly Fruit Made Crunchy are made from 100% fruit. Their secret is that they’ve been freeze-dried to turn them into delicious crunchy bites! They’re additive-free and 100% organic, naturally! From Bella Blueberry and Rory Raspberry to Suzie Strawberry, they’ve all got one thing in common: they’re yummy scrummy and super crunchy! Finally – ‘crisps’ with a difference (V,VE,GF,WF,DF,ASF,SF,NF)

1 x Rude Health Mini Almond Drink

Creamy crushed almond is blended smoothly with rice, pure mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Rice brings its own natural silky sweetness – so you won’t miss the usual thickeners, syrups or added sugars. It’s a naturally nutty almond milk. (O,GF,ASF,V,VE,SF,WF,DF)

1 x Heavenly Tasty Organic Superfoods Coconut Squishie

Made with simply squished organic fruits with coconut milk and a dash of lemon juice. 1 of the 5 portions of fruit and veg recommended daily with nothing added, not even sugar or water. Boom. (O,V,VE,DF,GF,WF,SF,ASF,NF)

1 x Viva Koko Chocolate Orange

Orange oil helps to energize and support a healthy immune system. (R,DF,GF,WF,ASF,SF,V,VE)

What is a Superfood?

A food that offers superior nutritional value for the amount of calories it contains.

Allergen & Dietary Key:

VE = Vegan
V = Vegetarian
WF = Wheat free
GF = Gluten free
DF = Dairy free
SF = Soy free
ASF = Added sugar free
O = Organic
R = Raw
NF = Nut Free
P = Paleo