Quick Morning Yoga Flow

Instead of hitting the snooze button and rolling over for a few extra minutes’ sleep, why not start your day by taking care of yourself, getting into the right frame of mind to take on the challenges ahead – and set yourself up for an amazing day. Try Zoe Woodward’s 10 step morning yoga flow – hold each pose for 5 to 10 breaths depending on how much time you have. Move from pose to pose gently and mindfully taking as much time as you have or need, listening to your body and enjoy!

Child’s pose (Balasana): Start on your knees, touch your big toes together, sit back onto your heels and take your hips as wide apart as is comfortable. Extend the arms, touch your forehead to the mat, close your eyes and take a few moments to arrive on your mat and connect with your breath.

Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana): From the hands and knees tuck the toes, lift the knees from the mat and slowly begin to straighten your legs and spine – sending your hips high and the heels towards the ground. Press through the hands, pushing the floor away from you, rotating the upper arms towards each other sending the shoulder blades down the spine. Gazing between the ankles or knees guiding your chest towards the thighs

Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana): From downward facing dog step your right foot forward between your hands aligning the right knee over the ankle. Lower your left knee to the floor and untuck your toes. Keep the hips aligned, inhale and lift the upper body keeping the fingertips on the floor or sweeping the hands upwards. Draw the tailbone down towards the floor and lift the chest and gaze upwards. Repeat on the left.

Cobra (Bhujangasana): Start lying face down on the floor, place the hands under the shoulders and wrap your elbows back into the body. Press the tops of the feet into the mat, inhale and start to peel your chest from the floor into a small backbend by straightening the arms and pressing into your hands. Slide the shoulder blades down your back and away from the ears, expand your chest and gaze upwards opening the chest and heart keeping the neck long. Exhale and slowly lower back down to the floor.

Cat/cow (Chakravakasana): Start on all fours with a neutral spine. With your hands shoulder width apart and the shoulders, elbows and wrists in a straight line, take your legs hip-width apart and stack your hips over your knees, pressing the tops of your feet into the ground. Inhale and drop your stomach, arching the back and tilting the pelvis back, take your gaze upwards gently. As you exhale tuck the chin and tailbone and press into the hands rounding your shoulders and upper back. Draw the navel into the spine, drop your head and gaze back to the navel.

Rag doll (tadasana variation): With your feet hip-width apart soften and bend the knees as much as you need to, to lengthen the hamstrings and send the hips high. Imagine aiming the chest towards the thighs and let the upper body completely hang heavy. Take hold of either elbow, keep the back of your neck long and allow the head to hang between the upper arms. Slowly sway from side to side releasing any tension in the body. Gently nod the head yes and no.

Yogi Squat (Malasana): From tadasana heel to the feet to the outer edge of the mat, toes turned out slightly and start to squat down. If the heels lift from the floor, place a rolled up blanket underneath for support. Take the thighs slightly wider than the torso and sink the seat towards the ground. Taking the hands to prayer, gently press the elbows into the inner knees to guide your hips open and lift your chest and torso.

Savasana: Lie down in a reclined position. Take the legs about hip-width apart, let your feet and knees relax and toes turn out slightly. Place the arms alongside your torso, palms facing upwards and let the fingers curl upwards. Close the eyes and take the attention to the breath. Stay here in the position for as long as you need.

Summer Legs Workout

The sand workout your legs will love!

If you are going on holiday this month, try this workout on the beach, as there is no terrain more effective to exercise on than a sandy beach. It is, however, just as effective to do at the gym or at home too. It is low impact, high energy and fantastic for your joints! When you’re moving through soft sand, it’s like resistance training as your stabiliser muscles need to work that little bit harder to keep you balanced whilst you run, jump and lunge! This soft sand workout is one you will definitely feel in your butt, abs, calves, legs & even your arms, all the while getting a nice dose of vitamin D! Note: Stick to the dry, soft sand as it’s less impact on your knees and ankles, but even tougher on those quads!


1 min high knees

1 min shuttle runs (Sprint from one marked line to the other as fast as you can without stopping. As soon as you reach one mark, sprint back to the other side!)

1 min of squat jumps

1 min of alternating walking lunges (One leg at a time, step forward and lunge the back knee towards the sand. Make sure the knee stays behind the toe and bottom is poking out behind you)

1 min of burpees

30 seconds rest

1 min butt kicks

1 min of mountain climbers

1 min plank

1 min bunny hops (Place hands shoulder distance apart, keep your knees together, jump your bottom and heels up – like you’re jumping over a log! Make sure you keep the knees softened)

1 min crab walks

30 seconds rest

1 min of push-ups

1 min of running on the spot

1 min of ab bicycles

1 min of sumo squat jumps

Cool down & stretch

Andrew Cooper’s Ab Workout

Andrew Cooper is a model, actor, sustainable business owner, Dad and all round lovely guy. We have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions and can truly say he’s not just a handsome face. 

He has appeared in numerous high profile print and TV campaigns for brands including Dunhill, Topman, Georgio Armani, Paul Smith & Diet Coke as well as appearing in the Royals and new movie The Way. His love of juicing began at an early age thanks to his mum and has since become a way of life as well as a business in the form of Juiceman and his book is crammed with over 100 flavour-packed juices, smoothies and nourishing dishes for all the family.

@coopersdigest / @andrewcooperx / @juicemanuk

Andrew’s Workout

Everyone loves an ab workout! A strong core is very important for stability, balance and keeping everything inline. If 20 reps are too hard, start with 10 and build on it. The key is to make sure the last 2-3 reps are challenging. Make sure you engage your core and take your time to get the most out of it. Push yourself and enjoy!

Lawrence Price HIIT workout

Lawrence teaching HIIT

An ex-international rugby player, Lawrence has a long history with sports conditioning at an elite level. For the past 10 years as a personal trainer he has coached Hollywood actors for film roles, held workshops with military special forces, trained record breaking expeditionists to row across oceans and coached thousands of personal training hours with his regular clients… all whilst curating his light hearted fitness blog & Instagram account.


Lawrence’s workout

Sometimes you are short of time, short of equipment and frankly just need to get the job done effectively and fast… for such moments here is my workout utilising just 4 key movements. Repeat for 5 rounds – it should only take you 15 minutes in total but boy will it ‘HIIT’ the spot!

1. Press up T rotate

2: Mountain climbers

3: Knees to standing (one side at a time)

4: Plyo squat jumps