About Us

Hi, I’m alicia!

Some history

Lifebox was founded over 7 years ago and has its roots firmly in the Wellness Revolution. As a qualified Nutritionist and owner of Lifebox, every month I set out to curate an exciting new box full of the latest health foods, drinks and snacks that are both delicious and good for you!

Independent by nature

We are a very small team, and I run Lifebox as a labour of love. With no outside funding and plenty of self imposed pressure to ensure each box is also equally loved by our customers, owning this little company and being able to work with such fantastic brands has been an incredibly enriching experience.

Fancy Joining us?

Have a look around our website to see what suits you best. Our monthly subscribers are guaranteed early access to all the latest products from the brands we partner with. With no minimum term, you can try us our for yourself! You’ll love your monthly surprise.

Get your brand into lifebox –

We are constantly on the lookout for the newest, cleanest and exciting foods so that each box you receive is packed with variety. If you would like to recommend new items, or simply tell us what you love, get in touch!

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates