5 Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Summer is here and holidays and travels are at the forefront of our minds! Whether its a day trip to the coast, a staycation camping or you are jetting off to satisfy that wanderlust you can never be too prepared for healthy travel. Travelling can often throw us out of our routine, whether its a change in climate, alteration in body clock or just being without access to our kitchen gadgets, gym or well stocked and considered kitchen cupboards! Travel does NOT need to mean that our nutrition has to go out of the window. Here are just a few tips to stay on track with your health and nutrition while still enjoying the spontaneity and excitement of travelling to new places.

1. Stay hydrated

Choose a BPA free bottle, water is your best friend especially during travel. Flying can be dehydrating due to lack of humidity in the air and additionally maintaining your hydration levels will keep you energized as well as aiding the elimination of waste and optimal functioning of our cells and organs. Drink up!

2. Be prepared with healthy snacks

Pack whole fruit and snacks: Fruit is a go-to travel snack providing a plethora of vitamins, nutrients and fibre. Fruits are also high in water which helps with the above hydration issues! You can’t go wrong with apples. We love to take carrot and celery sticks in our failsafe tupperware with a dollop of hummus or try whipping up some energy balls, dried fruit and nut trail mix, crackers or granola to keep handy in your hand luggage. Anything that doesn’t need refrigeration is clearly a winner.

3. Stock up 

Stock up on sachets of your favourite teas, protein powders, mushroom powders, superfood blends, mini snack bars or whatever YOU use in your everyday life to take on the road with you…..this always helps if you are ever a bit stuck for snack options or want to give your body a little boost while you’re exploring far off climbs!

4. Stay active (It’s free!)

If you’re anything like the Lifebox crew you won’t travel far without your activewear and trainers! Make room for your favourite yoga leggings, running or gym gear so that you can always get out and about…..running is free and available ANYWHERE…..it can also be an incredible way to explore new surroundings and find the next restaurant you want to try out!

5. Remember to still enjoy yourself

Don’t be afraid to try new foods! Most importantly do not stress about your food while you’re away. The main reason we go on holiday is to have fun, enjoy ourselves and de-stress and if you are constantly worried about the food you are eating this can play havoc with your cortisol levels and in turn your gut……EAT THE FOOD THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY and RELAX!


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